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South Platte River: Deckers


Deckers flows dropped more than 100 cfs over the last few days. Thankfully, more water was released from the dam today, bringing flows back above 100 cfs. Trout are now able to spread out from pronounced pools/runs but remain highly skittish and selective. Give it a day or two and they should settle in. Dry, dry dropper and nymph setups are all producing consistent results. With midges, BWOs and caddis all active, anglers should pay close attention to the time and water temps in order to anticipate upcoming hatches. We’re seeing a mix of midge and caddis during the mid and late morning hours (caddis activity will be minimal until air temps rise on Wednesday). If you have a hard time tracking midge dry flies or can’t tell what trout are eating, fish a double dry fly setup with an Elk Hair Caddis and #20 Parachute Adams. Trailing a pupa pattern 10-12 inches below your dry is an effective tactic as well. BWOs are most prominent between 12 pm and 3 pm. Midges will make another strong appearance in the late afternoon/early evening. 5x – 6x tippet is ideal when targeting trout on the surface due to high water clarity. Sub-surface, trout favored small and imitative patterns when flows dropped. If you’re on the river over the next day or two, a midge/baetis or double baetis will be a safe place to start. Assuming flows hold steady or increase, trout will be less picky as long as you make clean presentations. Leeches, scuds, worms, caddis larva, stonefly nymphs and general searchers/attractors will be productive lead patterns. Mercury Black Beauties, Top Secrets, Sparkle Pupas, RS2s and Mercury Baetis will serve you well in the trailer position, depending on the time of day.

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