The Deckers section of the South Platte River is a fantastic tailwater fishery year-round. The 8 miles of deep pools, pocket water and riffles will challenge even the most accomplished anglers. 

Thanks to the Cheesman Reservoir with its bottom release, this tailwater is temperate all year around. 

We update our Deckers Fishing Report at least once a month. We try to keep it as up to date as possible. If you have questions, give us a call at any of our locations!

Deckers is also just a few minutes from Denver, CO.


  • #12-8 Coffee and Black Pats
  • #14-18 Kryptonite Caddis
  • #12-16 Graphic Caddis
  • #18-22 Element Baetis Lite olive
  • #10-12 Tan Squirmmy
  • #14-16 Guides Choice Hares Ear
  • #18-22 Barr Emerger BWO

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Deckers Fishing Report Date: May 13th, 2019


 The flows at Deckers have been bumping up and down as of late which has been making life interesting for us as anglers and i’m sure for our little fish friends as well. Finding the fish on a day right after a bump up or down in flows can be the toughest hurdle to overcome in the morning. Even with some of the recent spikes up in flows we haven’t really seen those fish pushing all the way to the banks quite yet but rather hanging along the seams and popping into the fast water to eat when a worthwhile meal drifts by. The caddis have started to replace the BWs as top of the menu for these fish. Larva or Pupa the fish just can’t seem to turn the caddis down. We are still picking up the occasional fish on Barrs BW emerger and some olive and grey rs2s but not to the scale we have seen them eat the bigger bug. The Pat’s still plays well as a top bug and if they aren’t going after the stone you can swap it out for a tan worm as your lead and i’m sure that will turn a few heads

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