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South Platte River: Deckers


South Platte flows at Deckers decreased by ~100 cfs over the past week and currently sit at 174 cfs. Flows are technically below the historical average for this time of year, but the water is nice and cool and there is still plenty of water in the system for trout to spread out. Pronounced pools and runs are prime sections to target throughout the day. If you hook into a fish in a deep pool/run, stick with it because odds are you find a few more willing to feed. As long as afternoon temps climb into the 70s and 80s, riffles and transitions will attract trout during the late morning and early afternoon. As far as hatches are concerned, tricos are still hanging around and producing dry fly opportunities last week. The morning trico and midge hatch is a blast and a great way to squeeze in more dry fly fishing before we move further into fall. Griffiths Gnats, Midge Clusters and adult trico patterns are key between 8 am and 10 am. Around 10 am, the spinner fall will occur and at that point, trico spinner patterns are a hot commodity. If you notice trout refusing or ignoring your fly, switch to a single fly setup and consider dropping to 6x tippet. After 11 am, you’ll see some caddis, PMDs and BWOs. Terrestrials are also active and producing exciting surface eats. Hopper droppers with a Trigger Belly, Amy’s Ant or Hippy Stomper are putting trout in the net. If it comes down to it, nymphing is a reliable approach. Midge and baetis are primary food sources for trout right now, but there are still larger bugs in the river (leeches, worms, scuds, stoneflies, caddis larva etc.). Olive leeches, San Juan Worms, UV Scuds, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Buckskin Caddis and Guides’ Choice Hare’s Ears are effective lead attractor patterns. Zebra Midges, Mercury Midges, JuJu Baetis and Flashback Pheasant Tails are our go-to lead patterns when trout are more selective. For your trailer, go with your confidence midge pupa or baetis emerger.

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