The Deckers section of the South Platte River is a fantastic tailwater fishery year-round. The 8 miles of deep pools, pocket water and riffles will challenge even the most accomplished anglers. 

Thanks to the Cheesman Reservoir with its bottom release, this tailwater is temperate all year around. 

We update our Deckers Fishing Report at least once a month. We try to keep it as up to date as possible. If you have questions, give us a call at any of our locations!

Deckers is also just a few minutes from Denver, CO.


  • #18-22 Trico Spinner Male
  • #18-22 Pheasant Tail
  • #20-24 Black RS2
  • #18-24 Black Ice Queen
  • #10-12 Tan and Brown SJW
  • #14-16 Amy's Ant

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Deckers Fishing Report Date: Aug 26th, 2019

As the summer season begins to wind down the fish are becoming very selective. The last four days have seen the flows hold steady at 331 cfs which makes for crystal clear water and a more tactical approach. All the natural bugs are tiny so it’s a good idea to throw those small patterns paired with light tippet.

Go to tactics right now have been starting the morning off by fishing a deeper nymph rig. My typical rig will consist of 7.5 ft 4x leader tapered down to 5x to my first fly. Right now my nymph patters have been consisting of smaller sizes and its not uncommon for my lead flies to be running in the ranges of #16-18 and going as low as #24 to my point fly. This is made for evident with the consistency of Trico’s as the trout’s main food source. Black Ice Queen’s, Rs2’s, Mayhem Midges and the occasional drowned spinner will cover most of your nymph selections.

As the day warms and water temps rise look for fish the fish sipping on emergers and adults in the soft seams, tail out’s and eddies. Folks looking to take some fish on a dry should emplore long leaders and small flies presented downstream. Trico Spinners and High Vis Midges with a CDC Rs2 present a great adult/emerger option for rising and sipping fish.

While tricos have been the main menu source for trout, as the summer winds down look for hoppers to move down closer to the rivers and continue to be an effective attractor pattern well into the fall. If long leaders and tiny bugs are testing your patience switch to a stout leader and smack the banks with a Chubby or Amy’s Ant. When using these tactics the most success will come by being mobile. The key here is to keep covering water and finding the aggressive fish who cant pass up a big meal.

-Chelsey Christy

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