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South Platte River: Deckers


South Platte flows at Deckers spiked to 350 cfs yesterday. This is a large increase that will alter fishing over the next few days. Water clarity decreased and trout are tough to dial in as they normalize to the new flow. As with any material increase on this river, scuds are hot and will get a ton of attention. Don’t leave home without scuds. In addition to scuds, olive leeches, Squirmy Worms, Pheasant Tails, Buckskin Caddis, Rainbow Warriors and Perdigons will be productive lead patterns when nymphing. For you trailer, go with Sparkle Wing RS2s, Darth Baetis, Mercury Black Beauties, Top Secrets and red Zebra Midges. Until flows drop, focus your attention on soft water (pools, runs, tailouts, banks etc.). Once flows stabilize, anglers will see midges, BWOs and caddis. Trout are regularly looking up at the surface to feed, so if you find yourself in any of these hatches, be prepared to throw dry flies. Midges hatch sporadically and can be tough to predict but for the most part, mid-morning and early evening hours tend to be the best. On the other hand, BWO hatches are more consistent, typically occurring between 12 pm and 2 pm. Caddis are usually most prominent in the late afternoon but don’t be surprised if you see a caddis hatch in the late morning. Dry and dry dropper setups are both effective when targeting rising trout.

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