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South Platte River: Deckers


South Platte Deckers is flowing at 116 cfs. This is a productive flow for this time of year that allows trout to spread out a bit more when the weather permits. Bank ice is minimal above Trumbull. The further downstream of Trumbull you go, the more ice you’ll encounter. While fishing downstream isn’t out of the question, you’ll find more open water and active trout closer to Deckers. Trout feeding has been the most consistent during the warmest hours of the day, so set your alarm back and hit the river between 10 and 11 am. Trout are primarily stacked up in deep pools and soft runs to conserve energy. Trout have been selective and temperamental lately. Yarn indicators and 6x tippet are staples right now. When air temps rise above 40 degrees, slow riffles and transitions tend to hold a few opportunistic fish. Take advantage of these opportunities as these trout are less selective than those holding in soft water. Double midge and baetis/midge nymph rigs are reliable setups and a good place to start. Larger attractors are good to have on hand but can be hit or miss. Mini Leeches, scuds, eggs and worms are classic examples. JuJu Baetis, Tube Midges, Miracle Nymphs, Black Beauties, WD-40s, Massacre Midges, and Top Secret Midges are some of our top flies right now.

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