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South Platte River: Deckers


South Platte flows at Deckers have been somewhat volatile over the past few weeks, due to runoff and Cheesman Reservoir releases. Flows are currently dropping at a gradual rate and now sit within the ideal range. Sitting in the lower 300 cfs range, trout are still eager to feed on a mix of small and large offerings and are more inclined to spread out as water temps rise and bug activity materializes. We still don’t expect to see overly active surface feeding, but compared to the past few weeks, we should encounter more dry fly opportunities leading up to the weekend. Starting this Saturday, daily rainstorms will return. This will result in decreased water clarity below the Deckers bridge, so keep an eye on the forecast and be prepared to make adjustments. Worm and attractor patterns will be hot lead flies if you’re fishing downstream of the bridge. Midges, BWOs and caddis are all active right now. Caddis hatches have been spotty lately but should make an appearance leading up to the weekend. An Elk Hair Caddis, All-Season Caddis and Resting Caddis are our go-to dry fly patterns for a caddis hatch. Trailing a Sparkle Pupa or SPlatte Roller behind one of those dries is never a bad way to go if surface feeding is spotty. When trout aren’t rising, nymph outer seams, slack water, pronounced pools and soft runs. Anglers fishing upstream of the bridge should show the riffles and transitions some love. San Juan Worms, Mini Leeches, UV Scuds, Caddis Candy, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ears, Twenty Inchers, Pheasant Tails and JuJu Baetis are productive lead patterns. For your trailer, you can’t go wrong with Mercury Midges, Mercury Black Beauties, Sparkle Wing RS2s, Cheesman Emergers, Rainbow Warriors and Sparkle Pupas.

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