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South Platte River: Dream Stream


Sitting at 85 cfs, Dream Stream flows are at a productive level for this time of year. While afternoons have been mild this week, single digit overnight lows have produced morning slush/ice runoff. Slush typically clears out around 11 am, so if you’re looking to avoid slush, fish the warmest hours of the day. Covering a lot of ground is important as well. Once you’ve covered every inch of a pool or run, adjusted your depth and cycled through a couple different patterns, move on and test new water. These trout have been relatively illusive, so don’t get hung up in one spot. Nymph rigs with a scud, Mini Leech or Pheasant Tail attractor and a midge larva trailer are productive when midge activity is minimal. When midge hatches materialize, trail a midge pupa behind your midge larva. Productive patterns include Top Secret Midges, WD-40s, Mercury Black Beauties, Blue Poison Tungs and Mercury Midges. Strong midge hatches will bring trout closer to the surface on warmer days, so be on the lookout for suspended trout. A double single or double midge pupa rig is a great option in this scenario.

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