Close to Denver, the Dream Stream is a six-mile section of the South Platte River that includes the Spinney Vail Valley and Eleven Mile reservoirs. Even in your wildest fishing dreams, you would be hard-pressed to find a more plentiful supply of trout in picture perfect surroundings.


  • #14-16 Scud Tan or Grey
  • #8-10 Pine Squirrel Leach
  • #14-18 Barrs PMD
  • #12-18 Guides Choice Hare's Ear
  • #12-16 PMD Dry (pick any!)
  • #14-16 Yellow Soft Hackle

Report Date: July 30th, 2019

Flow on the Dream are on the way down and all we can do is hope that they continue to fall, unlike the rest of the Platte. Even with the high flows we were having a blast down south but now wading is becoming a fair bit more manageable and clarity is back making it a little more easy to find where in the water column they are eating.  Standard fare like leeches and scuds will turn head for you as per usual but we are seeing a good population of PMDs as well so a nose picker or a Barrs PMD on the end of the nymph rig will be killer in the morning and when you see those fish moving up in the water column down be afraid to cut the bobber off and throw some top water stuff provided the wind isn’t too bad.

Dream Stream River Access Points

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