Close to Denver, the Dream Stream is a six-mile section of the South Platte River that includes the Spinney Vail Valley and Eleven Mile reservoirs. Even in your wildest fishing dreams, you would be hard-pressed to find a more plentiful supply of trout in picture perfect surroundings.


  • #10-14 Amy's Ant
  • #18-22 Rainbow Warrior
  • #18-22 Guide's Choice Hares Ear
  • #10-14 Chubby Chernobyl
  • #18-24 Juju Baetis
  • #18-22 Chocolate Thunder

Report Date: July 2nd, 2020

The Dream has been fishing consistently well for the last few days. Sitting right around 300 CFS flows right where we would expect them to be. The Dream is a great area to look for deep cut banks, pools, and deeper runs. Find where these fish are stacking up in the deeper runs. 

These flows are ideal for nymph rigs in those sections. As a lead fly; Worms, Egg patterns, and smaller leeches will all be assured money makers. Follow those flies with a Rainbow Warrior, Juju Baetis, or Chocolate thunder (#18-22). Make sure to vary weight and depth of indicator often to make sure you are in the correct section of the water column. Bring an assortment of sub-surface bugs to add some variety to what you’re showing the fish. 

Along the cutbanks and foliage that is hanging over the river, hopper dropper rigs will put some fish in the bag. Throw big Chubbys, Hoppders, and Caddis as a lead fly followed by what was previously mentioned. Pitch those flies right up next to the bank and you are sure to get some risers.

The dream can be challenging in areas, but with steadier flows it has been fishing very well. Get on the river early, and put in some distance to get away from crowds. 

Dream Stream River Access Points

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