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South Platte River: Dream Stream


Dream Stream flows increased by roughly 30 cfs yesterday and currently sit at 148 cfs. While this isn’t a large increase, it’s promising for a couple reasons: 1) it will make trout a little less spooky and provide them more room to spread out and 2) it will help bring the water temperature down closer to the ideal range for lake run browns to move into the river to spawn. That last statement requires emphasis on fishing ethics during spawning, so while the flow increase encouraging lake run browns to spawn is positive from a reproductive and sustainability standpoint, it’s important to remember that these trout move into the river to reproduce and it’s important we let them do that. With that in mind, please be careful when wading to avoid stepping on redds and do not cast to trout actively spawning on redds. Along with brown trout, kokanee salmon are currently spawning. Crowds have been heavy but compared to prior years, the kokanee appear to be more spread out, helping anglers spread out as well. Red and/or flashy nymph patterns, worms and eggs are ideal when targeting kokanee. Trout are responding to those patterns as well but are more keyed in on olive/black leeches, Pheasant Tails, Two-Bit Hookers, Hare’s Ears, JuJu Baetis, olive/black RS2s, Barr’s Emergers, Micro Mayflys, Chocolate Foam Back Emergers, Pale Ale Midges, Black Beauties and WD-40s. Focus on pronounced pools, runs, pockets, seams along undercut banks and shelves, and tailouts. Trout are favoring deeper water columns but do your best to sight fish and adjust your depth accordingly. Note: restoration work is being performed below the lower parking lot, leading to poor water color and visibility. We recommend fishing upstream of the restoration work for better water conditions.

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