Close to Denver, the Dream Stream is a six-mile section of the South Platte River that includes the Spinney Vail Valley and Eleven Mile reservoirs. Even in your wildest fishing dreams, you would be hard-pressed to find a more plentiful supply of trout in picture perfect surroundings.


  • #14-16 Scud Tan or Orange
  • #8-10 Pine Squirrel Leach
  • #10-12 Tan Squirmy worm
  • #14-18 Yellow or Cheese Egg
  • #18-20 WD40 Black or Brown
  • #18-20 Sparkle Wing RS2 Black

Report Date: May13th 2019



Not a lot new to report from the Dream. We are still seeing flows below 100 cfs and while the fish have acclimated to the lower water and are eating we’d still like to see a bump in the near future. As is par for the course the fish are going to hang deep until the early afternoon. I have been having better days on the lower river from the road bridge down to 11 Mile. The hatches are better and better everyday but we still haven’t been having stellar days on dries. You gotta bring your A game and really keep approach in mind if you see fish rising up or down stream. With the water as low and clear as it is i’v been doing better running a dry dropper or even a hopper dropper right along the bank as you start to see fish move up in the water column. A chubby with a Guides choice in the middle and a trusty WD or Rs2 trailing can be deadly along those cut banks. Keep an eye on the flow and if we start to see 150+ I would get down there. For now you are certainly going to have to work for them.

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