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South Platte River: Dream Stream


Flows have been relatively volatile, fluctuating between 190 and 220 cfs. Minor fluctuations like this haven't had a material impact on water conditions or fishing. Sitting at 190 cfs, trout are able to comfortably spread out and water temps are better regulated. While fishing is more productive at this level, anglers will need to make adjustments and experiment. Postpone rigging up until you are on the river and have 5-10 minutes to observe bug and trout activity. Hatch activity has been consistent but surface activity has been hit or miss, particularly during the afternoon. Overall, the midge and trico hatches during the early morning and evening are the most consistent and productive due to low light. During the middle of the day, nymph rigs and dry droppers are the way to go. Patterns such as Chubby Chernobyls, Amy’s Ants, Hippy Stompers and PMXs trailed by a Pat’s Rubber Legs or searcher/attractor are getting attention along grassy banks. You typically want to focus on clean, splash free presentations when fishing dries but with this setup, a little surface disturbance can be a good thing. Splashing a big dry fly will get the trout’s attention and trigger their predatory instinct, often leading to an aggressive take. If that doesn’t do the trick, nymph pronounced pools, runs, shelves, transitions and riffles. Stonefly larva, caddis larva, leeches, worms and larger searcher patterns are ideal lead patterns. Pupa and emerger patterns such as Mercury Midges, Top Secrets, black/olive RS2s, Chocolate Foam Back Emergers, JuJu PMDs and Sparkle Pupa are our go-to trailer patterns right now.

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