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Dream Stream


Close to Denver, the Dream Stream is a six-mile section of the South Platte River that includes the Spinney Vail Valley and Eleven Mile reservoirs. Even in your wildest fishing dreams, you would be hard-pressed to find a more plentiful supply of trout in picture perfect surroundings.


  • Pats rubber leg #10

  • Rainbow warrior #18
  • Quesmodo Pheasant Tail #18
  • Purple Juju Bart is #18
  • X2 Caddis #18
  • Parachute Adams #18

Dream Stream

Report Date: August 3rd, 2017

With a huge bump in the flows, the clarity of the river has immensely suffered. The sight fishing is not possible at the moment but look forward to it in the coming weeks. The fishing hasn’t been put off by the flows, and the low visibility helps to provide cover for you. Your meat and potato flies will produce the majority of your fish currently. Thicker tippet and large amounts of weight will help with fighting the higher flows and landing fish.

Craneflies, stoneflies, caddis, mayflies… you can’t go wrong right now. Lead off with a larger stone or cranefly and follow that with something smaller and flashy. Rainbow warriors, flashback pheasant tails, and juju baetis are not bad confidence patterns. The water looks discouraging but the fishing hasn’t been put on hold.

Dream Stream Access Points

Water Levels


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