Close to Denver, the Dream Stream is a six-mile section of the South Platte River that includes the Spinney Vail Valley and Eleven Mile reservoirs. Even in your wildest fishing dreams, you would be hard-pressed to find a more plentiful supply of trout in picture perfect surroundings.


  • Pats rubber leg #10
  • Rainbow warrior #18
  • Pine Squirrel Leach Rust #12
  • D Midge Purple #18-20
  • BH Sparkle Puppa Caddis #16
  • Tan Chubby #10-12
  • Barr Emerger PMD #16
  • Corn Fed Yellow Sally #16-18

Report Date: July 24th, 2018


With water temps still spiking down south the DOW has called for afternoon closures of the Dream. We would like to encourage you to leave this fishery alone for the time being and let the fish rest as best they can in this heat.    A river like this and the fish that call it home are too good a resource to risk losing.


Flows are still low on the Dream and water temps are still getting high quickly so like last week we strongly suggest you get off the water by no later than 1:00pm and let the fish rest during the afternoon heat. Now, with that being said the fishing has been pretty productive down south so plan on getting up early or camping out the night before. 6:00 am to noon is your best window so don’t sleep through your alarm. The bug activity has been nice and thick and we are seeing a lot of our fish being caught in the top of the water column if not off the surface. I recommend you tie on a big ol’ foam terrestrial with either a PMD or Sally dry fly off the back as soon as you hit the river. That rig should turn heads for the morning hours but once that water starts to heat up you’ll probably have to switch that PMD dry for a bead head emerger or a little Sally nymph. Get out early and once you start to sweat high tail it back to the truck and go find a cold beer somewhere, hopefully somewhere with AC.


Well the high flows on the Dream were short lived and Denver Water has dropped it back down to 70cfs. With this dip in flows we are seeing a spike in water temps with the lower river getting into the high 70’s by the afternoon. For this reason we have to urge you guys to get off the water by 12:30 or so and give these fish a fighting chance. You’ll see all sorts of bug activity all morning long with strong hatches of PMDS, caddis, and yellow Sally’s. A hopper dropper with an emerger or dry off the back will be the ticket for you.              


Flows are way up on the Dream and the fishing has been good despite some hot afternoons. Like with most rivers in the state as of late you’ll want to get out there early to find some fish actively feeding before the water warms up and with the high flows we are seeing a lot of the fish hanging out along the cut banks and in the slower pools. Swinging an indicator rig with a leech and a worm should be the ticket for most of the day  but when you do find fish higher up in the water column a hopper dropper with a Choc Thunder or small baetis will help you fool the fish. Some of your bigger more predatory fish are pretty willing to eat a stripped streamer along the banks as well. Cover some water if you want work streamers but it can be rewarding.


The Dream Stream has been a great place to head to with the low flows on Deckers. The river is holding at 195cfs and hasn’t really been heating up like the rest of the front range rivers. You will find fish holding in deeper riffles as well as feeding close to the bank. Hopper dropper rigs worked exceptionally well last week too.  Around 10am you will also see caddis, midges and small stones coming off. A caddis or small midge is an excellent dropper pattern but don’t be fooled into switching your dry dropper rig,  most of the bigger fish taken were looking for a big meal like a chubby. With flows at 195cfs, make sure you give yourself enough tippet on your dropper to ensure your flies are getting down too, id say anywhere from 24-30 inches. those looking to string up your standard nymph rig will be best served with an attractor like a pats rubber legs, a caddis puppa in the middle and a small pine squirrel leach at the end. Let your drifts swing out to entice a few fish to chase the leach.  You will find fish in the typical holding lies you normally find them on the dream stream. Anglers will be best served starting at the bridge and working their way up to the damn.

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