Close to Denver, the Dream Stream is a six-mile section of the South Platte River that includes the Spinney Vail Valley and Eleven Mile reservoirs. Even in your wildest fishing dreams, you would be hard-pressed to find a more plentiful supply of trout in picture perfect surroundings.


  • #12-16 Orange Egg or bead
  • #8-10 Pine Squirrel Leach
  • #18-22 Rs2 Olive or Grey
  • #20-24 Red Pure Midge
  • #20-24 Mayhem midge
  • #18-22 Chocolate Thunder

Report Date: Dec 10th, 2019


Winter has hit the Dream hard this year and boy is it cold down there. Fishing has been decent but don’t rush yourself out of bed to get to the river. Our most productive window has been 11-2 so have a good breakfast drink your coffee and take your time getting down south. Flows are low but that has made for some awesome sight fishing opportunities. For the most part fish are coming to the net on your winter time standards like midges and small baetis nymphs but don’t be afraid to lead with a larger scud pattern or leech even with these colder temps. We have been having better luck closer to the dam these days and seeing some higher water temps as well so I would focus from the barns to the dam for your most active fish.

Dream Stream River Access Points

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