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Eagle River

The Eagle River is a magnificent fishery, that while not well known, is a consistent producer of hard fighting rainbow, brown, and cut-bow trout. The Eagle River begins outside of Camp Hale and terminates in the Colorado River near Dotsero.


  • Pheasant Tail #22

  • Pat’s rubber leg #8

  • Miracle midge black #20

  • 20 Incher #14

Report Date: April 28rd, 2018

Fishing has remained consistently good above Alkali Creek and Mill Creek in Edwards. It’s a gamble downstream but streamers and worm patterns normally rewards the bold ones who venture to the dirty water. There are lot’s of bugs coming off now so the diet is starting to spread out. Sorry crew, no more midge/bwo combos and guaranteed success! Though those are still catching fish, mix it in with little black stoneflies, caddis larva and pupa. Pat’s Rubber Legs and 20 Inchers have made great lead flies, as have any version of larger (12-16) Euro nymphs. The spawn has started so please please please STAY OFF THE REDDS and watch where you walk!

Eagle River Access Points

Major public access sites are the Wolcott put in sites off old US Hwy 6, 1 1/2 miles west of Wolcott and Eagle City Park. If you want to explore some more, there is always this link to keep you experimenting for years.

Water Levels

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