The Eagle River is a magnificent fishery, that while not well known, is a consistent producer of hard fighting rainbow, brown, and cut-bow trout. The Eagle River begins outside of Camp Hale and terminates in the Colorado River near Dotsero.


  • # 22 olive parachute adams
  • #18-22 BH Juju Baetis wine & green
  • #20 BH Butt Crack Baetis Brown
  • #16-18 BH Black Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail
  • #14-16 golden stone bomb
  • #18-22 Midge cluster

Report Date: March 22nd, 2020

With the mountain being closed, and the weather being perfect, now is time to get on the water. Its also a great form of social distancing. OK, so here is the skinny on the river, consistently warm days have caused water levels to rise and push out the majority of the shelf ice. If you are going to be nymphing I would recommend adding more weight and target the fish that have moved into the slightly faster riffles; the strikes will be more aggressive and more consistent. If your going to be fishing the lower eagle down by the airport expect the water to be off color if not chocolate milk, if you find yourself in that situation shorten up the indicator because those fish are probably in a higher water column especially on sunny days. There is also amazing dry-dropper opportunity this time of year. Look for those pods of rising fish along the banks in 1 to 3 ft of water. BWOs have definitely  been the dry fly of choice, followed by your favorite midge pattern. Remember to be a steward of the river, going back to the mountain being closed the river has been super busy so give everyone a little room to play we are all trying to have a little fun in this unfortunate time. Be safe and wash your hands.

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