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Eagle River


Flows on the Eagle River, near Wolcott, are well below the historical average for this year, but are generally holding steady. While the CPW recently lifted voluntary fishing restrictions on the Eagle, water temps continue to approach, and often hit, 67 deg F, which is dangerously warm for trout and makes it more challenging for them to oxygenate. With this in mind, the mornings and evenings are going to be your best bet. Rain on Thurs (9/2) and comparatively moderate temps through Sun (9/5), will keep water temps in check for longer periods of the day. However, you’ll still want to keep an eye on things. Hatch activity is consistent with previous weeks and trout are still looking up. Caddis and PMDs are the trout’s go-to right now, but we’re seeing sporadic midge hatches as well. If you see trout actively feeding on the surface, don’t hesitate to rig up some dries. Otherwise, the hopper dropper or dry dropper has been effective as well. Chubbys, Amy’s Ants, Trigger Bellies and Elk Hair Caddis have all made for great surface flies. Trail with one or more smaller searchers, attractors or imitative midge, baetis or caddis nymphs and hit the water along the grassy banks. Perdigons, Rainbow Warriors, Flashback PTs, Frenchies and Holy Grails are all great searchers/attractors. Black Beauties, RS2s (black & olive), Darth Baetis, Zebra Midges (purple & black) and Sparkle Pupas are great options as far as imitations go.

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