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Eagle River


Rain in the last couple of days has led to an increase in flow on the Eagle which has temporarily impaired water clarity. While we expect this to continue through Thursday (9/22), it should start to clear up and be in decent shape by the weekend. At this flow, trout are able to spread out and are feeding at various depths and locations across the water. However, they have been especially prone to hug the banks and move in and out of the outer seams to feed. As far as tactics go, hopper droppers and nymph rigs have produced the most consistent results. You'll want to focus most of your attention to the slack water and areas along the banks as this is where water clarity will be best. Bigger bugs in the leech, stonefly and caddis variety will make for great lead flies. Otherwise, smaller searchers/attractors or midge, baetis or caddis imitations will be good trailer fly options. Streamers have been increasingly effective and should turn some heads in off-colored water. Go with bigger patterns that are dark in profile and move a lot of water for the best results. Articulated streamers are a great option. When nymphing, you'll want to cover a lot of water and ensure the appropriate depth. During the early morning and post hatch windows, fish deep with something bigger at the lead like a Pat's, leech or San Juan Worm followed by one or more smaller searchers/attractors or imitative midge, baetis or caddis. Otherwise, try your luck at the mid to upper water columns in the faster riffles, seams and transitions leading up to or during the hatch. Last but not least, hatch activity has been fairly consistent with midges, BWOs, tricos and caddis however surface action will be hit or miss over the next few days.

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