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Eagle River


Runoff has officially begun on the Eagle and while you will likely find some fishable water further upstream, the water is largely blown out. Additionally, we expect further increases in the coming days given mild weather. At this point, you're better off letting the water sit. If you are insistent on fishing here, stick to the banks with a bright/flashy nymph rig or streamer set up. Leeches, worms and stoneflies are all great options when nymphing. Otherwise, bigger searchers or attractors will be productive as well. Surface action has been and will continue to be slow, despite consistent hatch activity. However, a stimulator to one or more smaller dries or droppers fished along the banks and in the slack water should turn a few heads. For the time being, we will be forgoing our daily forecasts until conditions improve. If you have specific questions feel free to reach out via email at

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