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Eagle River


While variable throughout the day, flows on the Eagle have largely held in check since last week and should continue to do so for the next few days given mild weather. That being said, we’re expecting consistent rain during this time, which could lead to further clarity impairments. As it stands, clarity is good above Wolcott, but there is certainly some color. Below Wolcott, however, is stained and dirty. As far as tactics go, hit the banks and slack water with a heavy nymph rig. Trout are stacking up in areas where they can get a reprieve from the strong current and if you can find one trout, there are sure to be more. Big and messy lead flies are the ticket right now and while trout are not keyed in on any particular bug, leeches, caddis larva, stoneflies, worms and eggs are all good options. Otherwise, trail with one or more smaller searchers/attractors or imitations. Either way, you’ll want to prioritize patterns that are dark in profile and move some water as these types of flies will get the most attention and be most visible to trout. Dark and articulated streamers have been and will continue to be a viable option as well, especially if you are not seeing results on a nymph rig. Regardless, it is all about getting your flies in front of the fish so make sure to adjust your depth and indicator position until you’ve dialed it in. If you can successfully do so, you will have a productive time on the water. Lastly, hatch activity has been fairly consistent, but surface action has been limited given poor visibility. This is not to say you won’t see results with dry flies, but rather your odds of success will likely be lower compared to the aforementioned methods.

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