The Eagle River is a magnificent fishery, that while not well known, is a consistent producer of hard fighting rainbow, brown, and cut-bow trout. The Eagle River begins outside of Camp Hale and terminates in the Colorado River near Dotsero.


  • # 8 Black Slump Buster
  • #18-22 BH Juju Baetis Black or Purple
  • #20-24 Tungsten Zebra Midge
  • #20 BH Butt Crack Baetis Brown
  • #16-18 BH Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail
  • #18-22 Cluster Midge

Report Date: January 12, 2020

Colder temps and unstable weather with sporadic snow showers are what we have in store for the first part of the week with some sunshine towards the middle. We think its always important to remind all of you that our trout need to feed daily and despite the chill of the Winter air, as long as you dress accordingly, you still have ample opportunities to hook some fish.  Our local ski areas have reported over 12 feet of snow so far this Winter so this equates to some legendary skiing and boarding, but maybe your legs and body need a rest mid-vacation.  That day off from the hill is the perfect day to go fly fishing with our fantastic guides here at Minturn Anglers. They will spend time prior to your trip, locating the best spot for your angling adventure and along with opportunities to catch fish, your trip will also provide you with the perfect backdrop for one of the most tranquil and serene experiences you may find anywhere right now.  Pillows of snow dressing every exposed rock in the river make for some amazing pictures and with the trout feeding daily, there might be nothing better than spending some time near the river.

The mornings are quite chilly so best to grab some breakfast and get on the water around 10 or 11. The further East you head the more ice you will find on the river so tread lightly and work water around the Eagle and Gypsum communities.  Also keep in mind that the fish become lethargic as water temps plummet so as you are fishing be sure and dissect each piece of water. Shift your drift every 6 or so casts by no more than 6 inches… ( the rule of 6) The fish will feed, but need to be hit in the face with your presentation to entice them to open their mouths. They will not move far to feed, hence lethargic and dissect.

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