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South Platte River: Eleven Mile Canyon


Eleven Mile Canyon flows are at 68 cfs and the water clarity is high. It’s been a slow week in Eleven Mile Canyon due to sustained sub-freezing air temps. As a result, trout have been in conservation mode for the better part of the day. During the 1 pm – 4 pm window, trout feeding tends to increase but you’ll still encounter lethargic trout and subtle takes. Until conditions improve, it will be a game of patience and persistence. On the plus side, trout are easy to locate as they are consolidated in deep pools, soft runs, slack water and along gravel beds. Locate a section in the sun that contains these features and take your time. Observe the water and do your best to sight trout. If you don’t see trout movement, move on and find another pool/run. It never hurts to cover a lot of water this time of year. Euro rigs or nymph rigs with yarn indicators, 6x tippet and ample split shot are ideal setups. Small midge and baetis patterns (#20-24) are getting the most attention right now. Either lead with a midge larva (Blood Midge, Bling Midge, Miracle Nymph) or baetis larva (JuJu Baetis, Flashback PT). During the morning, trail a midge larva pattern and switch to a midge pupa after 12 pm. Rainbow Warriors, Perdigons, red Copper Johns, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ears, San Juans and Mini Leeches are viable lead patterns if you’re not getting their attention with midge/baetis offerings.

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