Running through the town of Vail, Gore Creek is a small freestone trout stream whose lower section has earned Gold Medal distinction. The lower section begins at Red Sandstone Creek and continues into the Eagle River. It can fish extremely well and is easily accessed by foot.


  • #18-22 Black Rainbow Warrior
  • #12-14 Squirmy Worm Tan
  • #18-22 Juju Baetis Purple
  • #18-22 Sparke Wing RS-2
  • #18-22 Zebra Midge
  • #14-18 Soft Hackle Pheasent Tail

Report Date: March 22nd, 2020

With warmer temps we have seen recently, the bug activity is flourishing, and the ice is starting to push out.. One thing to keep in mind is that with the river become “alive” if you will, the fish, even though hungry and aggressive now the winter is winding down, they are aware and easily spooked. Tightline nymphing tactics (no strike indicator) can be a good way to avoid spooking fish in these low clear conditions. Sometimes even the smallest indicators can create such a splash and they end up causing more harm than good. So replacing it with a dry fly can also be a good option. Look for deeper runs where fish can hold more comfortably and when we say deep, we are talking about water thats 2-3 feet deep. This also means small flies and light leaders are going to be your best bet.Tandem nymph rigs made up of midges and baetis are good selections since most of the bug activity we have been seeing consists of small midges and blue winged olives. There have been a good amount of risers on the warmer days in slow water, so there is definitely some opportunity to throw dries.   If you do, your best bet to match the hatch is with a small renegade, griffith’s gnat, or parachute adams. Throwing small bugger streamers can be a great way to cover water this time of year so swing by our shop. We are located inside the coolest building in all of the Eagle River Valley. As you enter the town of Minturn we are the very first building on the left, right before the bridge over the Eagle River.

Gore Creek Access Points

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