Running through the town of Vail, Gore Creek is a small freestone trout stream whose lower section has earned Gold Medal distinction. The lower section begins at Red Sandstone Creek and continues into the Eagle River. It can fish extremely well and is easily accessed by foot.


Report Date: October 18th, 2020

Current conditions on Gore Creek are low and clear, Longer and lighter leaders are a must on Gore Creek this time of year, as is a stealthy approach.  The fishing is good though, albeit technical, as the fish are starting to think about packing on the pounds for the winter ahead.  Browns and Brook trout in Gore Creek are starting to spawn so please avoid walking on redds or casting to spawning fish.  

The cooler weather will cause the fish to start moving into the deeper runs and holes, especially in the mornings on cooler days, but the fish will still be moving into faster shallow pocket water during the warmer times of the day. Smaller BWOs and Midges are going to be the most prevalent hatches on Gore Creek right now, with some October Caddis still coming off sporadically.  The hopper bite has definitely tapered off, and a shallow nymph rig is becoming a more productive than the Hopper/Dropper rig in the faster pocket water.  While dry fly fishing has been less consistent with the colder weather, you still may see some surface activity.  Small BWO’s and Midge patterns will be your best bet when this happens.

The streamer fishing on Gore Creek has been picking up, so don’t hesitate to try it out.  Smaller bugger type streamers in the faster water and something with a little more movement like a Sculpzilla in the slower pools are the way to go as far as streamers go on Gore Creek.

Fall means Brown and Brook trout in our local streams will partake in their annual spawn.  Avoid walking on Redds and don’t fish to actively spawning fish. Stop by the shop or give us a call for more information!

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