Running through the town of Vail, Gore Creek is a small freestone trout stream whose lower section has earned Gold Medal distinction. The lower section begins at Red Sandstone Creek and continues into the Eagle River. It can fish extremely well and is easily accessed by foot.


  • #14-18 Micro Golden Stone
  • #12-14 Squirmy Worm Tan or Pink
  • #14-18 B's Tungsten Perdigon Black/Pearl
  • #12-16 Olive Caddis CDC Jig
  • #6-10 Thin Mint/Crystal Bugger
  • #16-18 BWO Parachute

Report Date: May, 26 2020

The cold weather over the weekend has caused Gore Creek to drop and clear, which should provide a good window of fishing before runoff kicks back into gear.  The flows are still high enough that fish will be holding near the banks and tight to structure.  However, the improved clarity means you will need a stealthy approach, as the fish on Gore Creek are notoriously spooky.  The upper and lower sections can be good options right now depending on what you are looking for.  The upper sections above East Vail fish more like a small stream and the lower reaches fish more like the Eagle and other freestone rivers.

Tightline nymphing methods will be most productive, but the higher flows make for better fishing with a bobber rig as well.  There are still fish looking up in some spots, but nymphing should be your focus.  If you see some risers, a good approach would be to use a tandem rig with a #16 caddis followed by a #18 BWO dry or emerger.   Also don’t forget to toss a small streamer in there, as they can be deadly this time of year.  My favorite thing to do is work my way upstream while nymphing, then fish a streamer through the same water on my way back to the car. 

Higher flows can make for some tough wading on Gore Creek, so make sure to use caution.  Also remember to keep your distance from others.  Feel free to stop by the shop for more information!  

Gore Creek Access Points

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