Homestake Creek is one of the main tributaries into the Eagle River. Homestake is our closest tailwater and is very accessible to even the most inexperienced angler. It is full of brook, brown, and rainbow trout.


  • #14-16 Wire Hot Collar Soft Hackle
  • #14 Pink Perdigon
  • # 14-16 Psycho Prince
  • #12-16 Royal Wulff
  • #10-12 Sculpzilla Black/Olive

Report Date: July 2nd, 2020

Flows have seen a bit of a spike on Homestake Creek, but it is still fishing great! As it is a tailwater coming out of Homestake Reservoir, flows can fluctuate quite a bit.  There is a USGS stream gauge viewable online, so give that a look for live flows.


As water temps increase, expect to see the fish in Homestake Creek to start looking up and be more willing to take dry fly patterns.  Using Caddis and PMD patterns in both nymph and dry patterns should do the trick depending on what is hatching at the moment, but also don’t hesitate to throw more general attractor type patterns as well, as the hatches on Homestake aren’t usually consistent enough to cause the fish to key in on one specific bug.  A dry dropper with a Royal Wulff, Stimulator, or small hopper to a Pheasant Tail, Hare’s Ear, or Prince Nymph is usually all you will need.

Small streamers are a great option to target the Brook Trout in the upper sections and beaver ponds on Homestake.  

Expect to see more people on the river with the 4th of July this weekend and make sure to practice good river ettiquitte. Stop by the shop for more information, and we will get you what you need for Homestake!

Homestake Creek Access Points

Water Levels

Homestake Creek Water Level

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