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Arkansas River - Pueblo Tailwater


The Arkansas Pueblo Tailwater is in good shape thanks to stable and productive flows. As it stands, water clarity is good making sight fishing a viable option so do your best to locate holding trout before aimlessly casting. While trout continue to favor the deep and slow water most of the day, mild weather will encourage them to feed at various depths and locations across the water. Focus on the slack water, deep pools, slow runs and pockets in the early hours, but as air/water temps rise, shift your attention to the slower riffles and seams. As far as tactics go, you can’t go wrong nymphing with a combination of small and simple larva/pupa imitations. However, you’ll want to favor emergers, particularly in the afternoon, making sure to survey both the deep and upper water columns. Midges remain the dominant hatch so keep that in mind when it comes to your fly selection. Midges will be most effective in the morning, or colder hours. However, you’ll want to consider mixing in some baetis in the afternoon, or when air/water temps are at their peak. Low air pressure through Saturday (1/28) will make bigger lead flies in the searcher/attractor variety good options as well. Flashback PTs, Guide's Choice Hare's Ears, Rainbow Warriors and red Copper Johns are a few of our go-to's right now.

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