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Arkansas River - Pueblo Tailwater


Flows on the Arkansas Pueblo Tailwater have increased steadily over the last few days and by a meaningful clip. At this point, flows are in line with the historical average and water clarity is on the lower end. Cooler weather over the weekend (5/20 - 5/22) will likely stall the recent increases in flow and lead to better water clarity. However, it will likely pick up again early next week. Runoff has come early this year and while there is still some yet to come, it is a sign that it will be somewhat short lived. While this means you will have fewer days of poor water clarity and low productivity, it is generally bad news for the fishery as it means that we are likely to see low flows and high water temps this summer and early fall. Regardless, at this point, fishing will be limited to the banks. However, trout will be more inclined to hold in these areas anyway. Nymphing with bigger lead flies with a little flash followed by smaller searchers/attractors or midge, baetis or caddis imitations will produce the best results. Worms, stoneflies, caddis larva and leeches are great lead fly options. While feeding will predominantly take place subsurface, midge and BWO hatches have been consistent with previous weeks and the BWO hatch, in particular, has been especially productive. Otherwise, dead drift a streamer through the deep and slow water and strip it bank to the bank slowly.

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