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Arkansas River - Pueblo Tailwater


At the end of last week, flows on the Arkansas Pueblo Tailwater increased substantially but have since leveled off. As it stands, water clarity is on the lower end, but there is still plenty of visibility. At this flow you will more than likely be confined to fishing from the banks so don't get any crazy ideas and try wading in water you can't see the bottom of. Heavy nymph rigs with bigger lead flies in the attractor variety, such as leeches, worms, stones, caddis larva and eggs will be an effective place to start. As far as your trailer flies go, stick with midge, baetis and caddis pupa imitations. Streamers have been effective lately as well and with a little color to the water trout will be more inclined to feed opportunistically. Surface action remains fairly consistent with previous weeks. Midge, BWOs and caddis are all making regular appearances. However, surface action has been limited to the slower sections of water.

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