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Arkansas River - Pueblo Tailwater


Flows on the Arkansas Pueblo Tailwater have held steady for the last week and are largely in line with normal levels for this time of year. At this point, clarity is on the upper end which has led to good sight fishing opportunities. However, trout are comparatively skittish and selective. Water temps continue to be a concern, especially on the lower sections. While air temps are expected to moderate through the weekend, it likely won’t be enough to keep water temps in check. As such, we’d encourage you to fish the morning hours and get off of the water as things warm up. Trout are able to spread out, but are largely sticking to the deeper runs, pools and pocket water. The trico hatch continues to be the main event so come prepared to fish some dries and make sure you have a variety of dun and spinner patterns handy. Parachute Tricos and Spent Tricos are a couple of our go-to patterns right now. Midges and BWOs are present as well, but have been less productive hatches. Otherwise, nymphing through the deepest water columns in the early or late morning hours has been effective as well. That said, if you see hatch activity starting to materialize, it would be in your best interest to lighten the load and fish the mid to upper water column with an emerger. Streamers are a decent option, but have been less effective as of late. If you decide to go this route, do so in the low light hours or hit the deep pools and runs with a dead drift and subsequent slow strip for the best results.

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