This section of South Platte flows right through the city of Denver and is quickly becoming the “go to” destination for after work sport, just 15 minutes from many front doors. The river is easily accessible and provides excellent fishing. Warning: hipster invasive.


  • #18-20 Rainbow warrior
  • #10-12 San Juan or Squirmy Worm Brown
  • #10-16 Psycho Prince
  • #12-18 Copper John
  • #8-12 Slumpbuster
  • #10-12 Pine Squirrel Leech

Report Date:  Oct 28th, 2019

Winter fishing conditions can be a real treat down on the urban section of the south platte. The trout population is going to be pretty well concentrated in the deeper pools and holes but unlike up in Deckers these fish are still willing to go after a bigger meal. Leading with worms or leeches is super effective year around through littleton and Denver. For the most part with the weather turning on us the carp are going to be stacked up in the holes as well so don’t be surprised if you bump something heavy with your trout rig. Typically if you want to target the carp i recommend a long single fly nymph rig with a craw or big worm pattern. Again just work some of the deeper pools and you’re bound to bump one of those golden bones. 

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