This section of South Platte flows right through the city of Denver and is quickly becoming the “go to” destination for after work sport, just 15 minutes from many front doors. The river is easily accessible and provides excellent fishing. Warning: hipster invasive.


  • Slumpbuster #8-12
  • San Juan Worm Brown #10-12
  • Near-Nuff Crawfish #6-10
  • Squirmy Worms #10-12
  • Clouser Minnow #8-12
  • Pine Squirrel Leech #10-12

Report Date:  July 30th, 2019

The story of the flows through town reads a lot like the Deckers tale recently. We saw them dropping and my mouth started watering as I dreamed of low clear water and tailing carp but then it jumped back up and I snapped back to the sad reality that is still water carping. Alas the river closer to the dam and especially through the Carson nature center has been fishing quite well early morning and late afternoon if you want to beat up a few of the resident trout. With the flows still up and water still heavy you are going to find all your fish pushed up on the banks looking for some slower water to hold. The bug selection isn’t too terribly tricky down in Littleton. You need something with some size and a little flair and flash. Rainbow warriors, red and chart copper johns and Psycho Princes all play exceptionally well under a worm, just plan on throwing some serious weight out there to slow those bugs down.

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