This section of South Platte flows right through the city of Denver and is quickly becoming the “go to” destination for after work sport, just 15 minutes from many front doors. The river is easily accessible and provides excellent fishing. Warning: hipster invasive.


  • # 12-14 Mini Slumpbuster
  • #10-12 San Juan or Squirmy Worm
  • #06-08 Thunderball
  • # 8-12 Ritts Fighting Craw
  • #18-22 Slim Shady BWO
  • Yellow egg or bead pattern

Report Date:  April 8th, 2020

Water through Denver is a trickle right now so be prepared to bring your stealth game to the river. The advantage of the low water is the fish have nowhere to hide but all species have been super spooky. If you are chasing the trout we have been seeing the bead or egg rig turning the most heads. With the population of rainbows growing there is no shortage of eggs in the water column. Just like we have been seeing on the less urban stretches of the Platte the BWO hatch has been sick early to mid afternoon so make sure you have a couple of your favorite baetis patterns to run behind the egg. If you are chasing the carp be prepared to get frustrated because with the low water they are holding everything against you. I’m scaling back on the size and weight of my standards like thunderballs and  craw patterns and leading the fish by a mile just so I avoid blowing them up.

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