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Urban Denver

This section of South Platte flows right through the city of Denver and is quickly becoming the “go to” destination for after work sport, just 15 minutes from many front doors. The river is easily accessible and provides excellent fishing. Warning: hipster invasive.


  • Carp Bitter #8

  • Hybrid Worm #8

  • Swimming Carp Nymph #8

  • Squirmy Worms #10-12

  • Thin Mint Bugger #10-12

  • Baby Gonga Rust #12

Urban Denver Fishing

Report Date: June 19th, 2018


With these last few cloudy days we have had on the Front Range, the carp fishing has been tough but before the rain moved in it was stellar down along Santa Fe. Most of the carp are spawning and we are finding a lot of fish with their tails up on the flats. Wait for a clear day to go chase the river donkeys so make spotting fish easier and make sure you have some crayfish patterns in your box. The trout fishing has been holding strong as well. Iv been finding most of my fish below Chatfield between the E-470m Bridge and the Mineral Road bridge but sometimes you’ll get surprised and find some big trout closer to Mile High Stadium and Elitches. Do some exploring on our Urban fishery. You won’t be let down.


Fishing through town has been stellar as of late but if you’re looking for trout get there early. The Carson Nature center stretches are fishing well with smaller streamers and there are plenty of fish looking for a meal before the water gets too hot. Towards the early afternoon the trout hunker down and can still be caught on a deep nymph rig in the pools but I’ve been switching gears and going after carp and bass in the hotter hours of the day. You’ll find a pile of carp on the flats but look for fish that are nose down actively feeding as we are still seeing some fish spawning. The bass are spread out but when you see a pod of them throw a streamer through there and look for one to chase it down.

Urban Denver River Map

Urban Denver Map

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