This section of South Platte flows right through the city of Denver and is quickly becoming the “go to” destination for after work sport, just 15 minutes from many front doors. The river is easily accessible and provides excellent fishing. Warning: hipster invasive.


  • # 12-14 Mini Slumpbuster
  • #10-12 San Juan or Squirmy Worm
  • #06-08 Thunderball
  • # 8-12 Ritts Fighting Craw
  • #18-22 Slim Shady BWO
  • Yellow egg or bead pattern

Report Date:  June 25th, 2020

Well the snow brought us a little bump in flows down on the DSP but unfortunately it was short lived and we are back to LOW flows through town. Now like last week the low flows do make for easier sight fishing to the carp as well as the trout but you’ll need your ninja skills to get a drift to the fish before sending them running spooked. Lighter rigs and smaller flies is going to be the name of the game. If you are looking to target the trout i’d recommend somewhere between Breck Brewery and the Carson Nature Center. We have been seeing solid BWO activity late morning through the afternoon, and even some fish pushing up in the water column to eat the occasional emerger or dry. Leading with a worm is always a safe bet on the Dirty but with some of the fish looking to spawn an egg or bead will be an effective point fly as well. If you are looking for carp prepare for frustration. With the low water we have been having a heck of a time finding eager fish lined up in water we can get a cast on without spooking them. I’ve been scaling down on the size of bugs where typically id fish a 8 im fishing a 12 with the low water. We are seeing some of the carp starting to spawn as well so don’t be surprised if you find fish rolling on each other not interested in eating 

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