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Williams Fork River


After increasing slightly at the end of last week, flows on the Williams Fork have held steady and are at a very productive level for this time of year. At this flow, the fishing is good and there is plenty of water for trout to spread out. Water clarity remains on the upper end and trout are somewhat skittish and selective. Midges remain the primary hatch, but we’re seeing a fair number of BWOs and tricos as well so come prepared to fish dry flies in the late morning through the early afternoon. Otherwise, expect to come across the occasional caddis hatch starting in the afternoon. Trout are stacking up in the deep and slow runs and pools as well as the pocket water in the cooler hours of the day, but have been prone to move in and out of the more prominent feeding lanes like the outer seams, riffles, transitions and tail outs during a hatch. Do your best to sight fish as this will make all the difference. Nymphing with bigger lead flies to one or more smaller midge, baetis or caddis imitations will do most of the heavy lifting.

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