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Williams Fork River


Flows on the Williams Fork saw a much needed bump on both Tuesday (6/15) and Wednesday (6/16). However, after peaking midday, flows have retreated to pre-bump levels at 18 cfs. It’s hard to tell what is going on, but one can speculate that they are gearing up to release more water or there were enough anglers complaining to Denver Water that they are calling this a compromise. Needless to say, more water flowing through the Williams Fork is great news and if we see sustained higher flows, productivity will improve greatly! With each bump in flow, water clarity worsened momentarily, but has been improving on the latter end of the day. Bigger bugs, like stones, leeches and worms have been stirred up so make sure to have a few of these handy when nymphing. Golden Stones, Barr’s Tungstones, Woven Stonefly Nymphs, Pat’s, Mini Leeches and San Juan Worms are all great options. If flows continue to fluctuate throughout the day, you’ll need to be conscious of your approach. In times of high flows, hit the slack water and banks where clarity is best and the water is moving the slowest. Soft water like the slow runs, pools and pockets are a great option as well. When flows are lower, hit the slower riffles, seams and tailouts as trout will migrate to these areas to feed on emerging bugs, especially later in the day. Small streamers are a good option as well when clarity is poor and the water is moving.

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