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Williams Fork River


Flows on the Williams Fork have been highly variable over the last few weeks. Recently, flows increased steadily and by a substantial clip which has really thrown trout for a loop. At this point, flows are well above what is considered to be a productive level. However, this is not to say that you won’t see results. Water clarity suffered as a result of the increase, but given that the water being released from the dam is “clean and clear” it is improving quickly and should continue to do so assuming no further increases. At this flow, trout are hugging the banks and favoring areas that are protected from the current. As far as tactics go, a dry dropper or hopper dropper fished along the banks and through the slack water have been our preferred approach as they cover more water and bug life cycles. That being said, terrestrial activity is dwindling as overnight temps continue to flirt with freezing levels. Hatch activity has been fairly consistent with midges and BWOs being the primary food source. However, trout are hesitant to feed on surface flies given the strong current and lack of slow water and shallow riffles. Nymphing with bigger lead flies that move a lot of water and are dark in profile followed by smaller imitations in the midge, baetis and caddis variety have been highly effective as of late. Don’t get discouraged if you are not seeing immediate success. Cycle through flies and adjust your depth until you’ve honed it in. Lastly, smaller streamers will be effective at this flow and will likely turn a few heads.

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