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Williams Fork River


Flows on the Williams Fork continue to decline at a slow and steady rate and are now below ideal levels. As a result, visibility has improved and trout have become very skittish so move with caution when approaching the water and do your best to keep a low profile. Expect to find trout holding in the deep and slow water most of the day. Additionally, given lower flows trout will stack up in numbers so if you see one, there are likely more lurking around. Sub-freezing temps and winter weather over the next few days will leave trout holding idle most of the day, but more so in the early hours. With this in mind, set your alarm clocks back and hit the water between 11 am and 3 pm as this is when trout will feed most heavily and productivity will be best. Heavy nymph rigs with midge larva/pupa will be the most consistent mode of fishing. Focus on the deep and slow water ensuring plenty of weight as this is where trout will hold most of the day. Hatch activity will be decent so come prepared to fish some dry flies. That said, surface action may be hit or miss given variable weather and temps.

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