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Minturn Anglers ever so popular 12 Deals of Christmas Fly Fishing Gear Sale is back December 12th through the 23rd!

Holiday Hours Now through December 24th!
10-6PM: 7 Days a Week
24/7 Online Shopping & Free Shipping!

1st Deal of Christmas: 40% OFF Brodin & Gold Medal Nets

  • December 12th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-NETS-1-12
  • Buy Landing Nets Online Free Shipping!

2nd Deal of Christmas: 25% OFF Fly Line!

  • December 13th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-LINES-2-12
  • Shop Fly Lines Online Free Shipping!

3rd Deal Of Christmas: 25% OFF Leaders & tippet!

  • December 14th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-LT-3-12
  • Buy Leaders & Tippet On Sale Free Shipping!

4th Deal Of Christmas: 15% OFF Guided Trips

5th Deal Of Christmas: 10% OFF Gift Certificates

  • December 16th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-GC-5-12
  • Buy Fly Fishing Gift Cards Online!

6th Deal of Christmas: 20% OFF All Hats

  • December 17th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-HATS-6-12
  • Buy Fly Fishing Hats Online Free Shipping!

7th Deal of Christmas: 15% OFF Books & DVDs!

  • December 18th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-BOOKS-7-12
  • Buy Fly Fishing Books Online Free Shipping!

8th Deal of Christmas: 40% OFF FLIES

  • December 19th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-FLIES-8-12
  • Buy Flies Online Free Shipping!

9th Deal of Christmas: 40% OFF Overstock Fly Rods!

  • December 20th
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-RODS-12
  • Buy Fly Tying Vices Online Free Shipping!

10th Deal of Christmas: 20-70% OFF Patagonia Sale

  • December 21st
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-PAT-10-12
  • Buy Fly Tying Material Online Free Shipping!

11th Deal Of Christmas: 15% OFF Rod, Reel Line Combos!

  • December 22nd
  • Checkout Promo Code: XMAS-RRL-11-12
  • Buy Fly FishingCombo Outfits Online Free Shipping!

12th Deal of Christmas: MYSTERY SUPPER SALE!!!

  • December 23rd
  • Buy Fly Fishing Gear Online Free Shipping!

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