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It is easy for the residents of Denver, and the millions of people who visit the city ever year, to fall in love with this vibrant and picturesque city. Denver Fly Fishing is one of the city’s best kept little secrets.

Denver really is a “Mile High City”, located on rolling plains just a few miles east of the foothills and Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, providing a panoramic view from the city of some 200 individual mountain peaks. 

The city of Denver has much to offer, from museums, galleries and zoos, to sports, delectable dining and eclectic shopping. Many visitors, however, are drawn by the unsurpassed opportunities for year round Denver fly fishing.

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Fly Fishing Denver Area Waters

With more than 6,000 miles of rivers and over 2,000 reservoirs and lakes, Colorado offers some of the best fly fishing that can be found anywhere. Many of these world class fisheries are located only a short distance from Denver. City residents and visiting fly fishermen and women from around the world find it hard to resist the urge to test their skills against these trophy fish.

There are about 35 different species of fish to target when fly fishing Denver area, each offering its own challenge. They include:

  • Rainbow, cutthroat and brown trout, plentiful in most lakes, streams and reservoirs
  • Brook trout in streams at higher elevations
  • Mackinaw or lake trout in deeper mountain lakes
  • The mountain lake grayling, unique because of its large dorsal fin
  • Yellow perch
  • Large and small mouth bass
  • The Kokanee, one of Colorado’s land-locked salmon
  • Carp
  • Mountain whitefish
  • Saugeye

Bottom release of waters from the many dams and reservoirs near Denver ensures optimal temperatures and an abundant food supply for fish in these waters. This is a perfect environment for rainbow and brown trout, for example, to grow to trophy size, and the ideal conditions for them to multiply. Imagine 7,000 rainbow trout per mile, as is reported in some of these waters.

Fly Fishing the Denver Front Range

There are a number of different watersheds on the Denver Front Range. Each has its own characteristics and opportunities. Popular Denver fly fishing waters include:

  • The South Platte, a long and diverse river, roars through canyons and meanders through meadows; the river offers many Gold Medal fishing opportunities in separately identified sections including The Tomahawk, Hartsel, Dream Stream, Urban Denver, Cheesman Canyon/Deckers, Clear Creek, Badger Basin and Bear Creek
  • The Blue River runs above and below the Dillon Reservoir
  • The Colorado River boasts just about every trout available ranging in size an average 12 – 16 inches
  • The Eagle River starts near Leadsville and runs to Glenwood where it joins with the Colorado

Planning a Denver Fly Fishing Trip

For fishermen and women who have the time, fishing on their own is a great way to experience the splendor of the Colorado outdoors. For many anglers, the work of collecting proper gear, researching conditions, identifying access and flow at specific fishing locations, and working out the currently effective fly pattern is an enjoyable part of the sport.

Others, though, would simply prefer to spend all their available time on the water, actively fishing. The option then is to hire a Denver fishing guide. This is especially true for those new to the area or just beginning the sport. Talk to a reputable Denver fly shop such as Minturn Anglers. These people are avid anglers, on the water just about every day, and love to pass on their skills and knowledge to their clients, even the most inexperienced.

Minturn Anglers professional fly fishing guides are available for both half day and full day trips in or around Denver, and can rent or borrow what additional equipment that might be required. Staff at this popular Denver fly shop can provide expert advice about extra gear and equipment that might need to be purchased, whether it is clothing, hats, waders, a new rod or those extra special fly patterns that seem to be working so well right now.

Of course, don’t forget the fishing license and stamps.  See the Colorado fly fishing license page.

Choose your Fly Fishing Water Near Denver

These experienced Minturn Anglers guides bring their clients to the best spots for the biggest catches. Talk to one of them to discuss options, and book early. Don’t forget to ask about the private water locations available exclusively to Minturn Anglers, perhaps choosing a day at the famed Boxwood & Long Meadow Ranch. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Angling Club, Minturn Anglers also offers excursions to one of the Club’s 40 prime fishing locations throughout the state.

Discuss the excursion options for Colorado Front Range fly fishing offered by Minturn Anglers. Check out the features of Walk and Wade trips on one of the Gold Medal stretches of the South Platte River:

  • The Dream Stream offers trout large enough to be sight cast
  • Try your hand fly fishing for massive carp as well as browns and rainbow right in downtown Denver
  • The Deckers section of the South Platte offers over 8 miles of pocket water, riffles and deep pools to test casting skills
  • Bear Creek is an easy trip from Denver
  • A Walk and Wade on the Tomahawk would be a memorable experience
  • Explore the south and middle forks of the South Platte near Hartsel
  • Expect catches in the 6-14 pound range with a Walk and Wade at Clear Creek

In Denver, fly fishing is a winter sport as well. Minturn Anglers guides would be pleased to provide a Walk and Wade trip for an unforgettable winter fly fishing experience in the tailwaters near Denver.

Every season of the year, count on the professional guides from Minturn Anglers to bring clients to the most productive fly fishing locations.

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