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Eagle River Clean Up September 9th
Its that time of year again where we give back to one of our most prized and cherished resources,The Eagle River. The Eagle provides us with some of the states most beautiful scenery and productive fisheries. We would like to encourage everyone to come out and join the staff at Minturn Anglers in ensuring that The Eagle River remains a top notch fishery for years to come. 
The Eagle River Cleanup, presented by Vail Resorts EpicPromise, is a hallmark event of the Watershed Council and one that shows the strength of our mountain community. Over 350 volunteers from local businesses, organizations, families and friends show their dedication to our valley by forming teams to clean up over 68 miles of Eagle County rivers and streams. After a morning of hard work, the volunteers and their families are invited to celebrate the successful cleanup with a free Thank You BBQ – great food, local beer, live music and a raffle make this event a must!


Please give us a call for more details on signing up and joining The Minturn Anglers Clean UpTeam

Denver Fishing Reports  
Deckers 8/25/17 

The fishing has been pretty solid in the last week or so, other than on the 21st, that is…blame it on a combination of the solar eclipse, barometric pressure,  angling apathy, or the more likely culprit, a significant drop in flows that day. Flows are currently around 200 cfs and the fish are pretty willing to eat, especially during the mid morning trico hatch. 

My suggestion, to fool the fish in the upper portion of the water column is a tandem dry fly rig. My first fly would probably be a size 8-14 (fuzzy wuzzy, amy’s ant, or hairwing caddis). The point fly would typically be a size 20-22 (trico spinner, sparkle dun, cdc emerger, or parchute adams) about 12-14 inches off the first fly. 

Remember trico hatches usually mean there are a lot of options for those fish to choose from everytime your flys drift over them, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get an eat on your first (or fifth) good drift.
For those of you who aren’t as infatuated with watching fish take flys on the surface, a emerger pattern, in size 20-22 like a (chocolate thunder, bcb, barr’s emerger) in place of your small dry fly can make for a deadly dry dropper combination. 

See You Out There 

Levi Lambert
Dream Stream Report 8/25/2017 
While the big browns don’t seem to be in the river quite yet, its only a matter of time before they start moving in. If these flows stay steady and temps continue to drop, we could see an earlier run possibly starting in mid September. 
With that said, the dream stream is fishing well and flows are around 140 cfs.  Fish are holding in riffles and around boulder structure.  Trico hatches are plentiful in the morning and you might find additional hatches late morning and early afternoon.  Dry dropper rigs are working well, but nymphing is still catching a majority of the fish.  Hippie Stompers, Chubby Chernobyls or Amy’s Ants trailed by a Trico (size 20) or PMD emerger (size 18-20) will catch fish.  If you’re nymphing, try a red/brown san juan worm or stonefly as the attractor, followed by a Trico, RS2 or PMD emerger.

-Floyd Wright

1-Day Introduction to Fly Fishing: $99.00

Another year, another great way to introduce the sport you love!

Back for 2017, Minturn Anglers has revamped our fishing school on the front range and we are proud to offer our new Introduction to Fly Fishing class. This class is a great way to introduce new anglers to the sport of fly-fishing as well as help refine the skill sets of experienced anglers. Our new classes are a one day program offered on both Saturdays and Sunday’s and feature a 1-hour on river interactive class followed by a 4-hours of semi-guided fishing instruction. The class will cover everything from gear, knot-tying, basic nymph rig instructions, river mechanics and much more! Anglers who complete the course will be armed with the tools necessary for a successful day on the river the next time they venture out. 

$99 for One 
$179 for Two 

Call to reserve your spot 

Vail Valley Fishing Reports

Upper & Lower Eagle: 
The Eagle is fishing very well right now. Anglers are producing fish on smaller nymph patterns. Tricos and midges are always a good bet this time of year. Some opportunistic fish are still looking to a golden stone for a bigger meal. Caddis and terrestrials on top are always a good way to go as well. 
Recommended flies: Black Rs2 (20-22), Black Beauty Midge (22-24), Mayhem Midge (20-22), Chocolate Thunder (18-22), Rainbow Warriors (18-20), Barr Emerger PMD (16-20), Barr Emerger BWO (18-20), Pearl and Elk Caddis (14-18), Elk Hair Caddis (14-18), Amys Ant (10-16), Chubby Chernobyl (10-16), Hippy Stompers (12-14)

Colorado River: 
It is full on Dry/Dropper or Hopper/Dropper time on the Colorado. Anglers will be successful with sticking to this set up. look to smaller nymphs with weight for the dropper. Tungsten or bead head nymphs will help get your down, don’t be afraid of longer tippet for the dropper around 24″ long. 
Anglers looking to switch it up will find fish on long nymph rigs under lots of weight and small nymphs. Anglers fishing into the evening will be productive stripping streamers. Right now I really like a slump buster with a small leach trailing behind. 
Small Creeks:

The days are getting shorter so be safe out there when venturing out into the high country. The water is still cold and low and as a result the fish are very spooky. Long tippet will be your best friend. Be sure to cover lots of water to find fish feeding on terrestrials with small droppers off the back end. 
Dave B. 

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