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Fishing Report: Eagle River
Fishing Report: Hungry Rainbows on the Eagle River!

7/1/2014 Fishing Report–The Eagle River is starting to fish like a “normal” trout stream. The fish are starting to key in on smaller bugs more, and pay less attention to the worm. In weeks earlier, the worm was the ticket; and tippet was not an issue. As of late, we are having to go to 4x and 5x to fool them. Get ready for the technical trout stream that the Eagle can be. Fishing has been good from the boat and wading. Get out your bug box folks! On certain days the fish are keying on smaller presentations, in the size 20-22 range. Yellow sallies and caddis are starting to pop, and baetis and midges are starting to play a role also.

As always be careful when wading! Fish are starting to recede from there runoff holds on the banks, and get more comfortable in the off-seam soft water. When the water lowers more, you will be able to access wading spots better. More water will be accessible, but be careful of our Eagle River “buttered bowling balls” (slippery rocks).

Key flies to have:

RS2’s Black and Gray #20

Baetis #20-22

Yellow Sally nymphs #14-18

Smaller Pat’s Rubber legs #10-12

Elk hair Caddis Dries

Yellow Sally Dries


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