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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

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Eagle River
 The weather in the Vail Valley is averaging about 50 degrees right now and it’s got the fish in a frenzy. They are eating like they are expecting run-off and it’s all to the benefit of the fly fisherman. Finding the right water and getting the right drift will almost certainly get you on a handful of fish. Make sure to stay in Wolcott or above as most everything below (Eagle/Gypsum/Dotsero) is blown out due to mud coming from the feeders. Fom Wolcott head upstream and hit the marquee holes as they are all fishing well. Redford’s Skinny Rig is tricking the porpoising fish (yes, they are rising) and 2 and 3 fly nymph rigs are taking fish in the depths regularly. Midges and baetis are the meal of choice but they are eating bigger lead flies like prince nymphs and squirmy worms on the reg. The roads are open, the ski traffic is minimal; don’t miss out on some incredible “March Madness” in the mountains!.Need a guide? We got em >>>



The Colorado River
The word is out so weekend warriors take heed. Shoot for early starts on the Upper C right now as it can look almost like August with the incredible weather we are experiencing. Regardless of the people, the fishing remains very productive with bigger bugs on the menu for the fishies. Big pheasant tail nymphs, Pat’s Rubber Legs, Copper Johns and Hare’s Ears should be included in any tandem nymph rig. Streamers can be hit or miss so switch the flies often, vary your depth and vary your retrieve. The water is still pretty cold when all is said and done. Focus on the evening if you’re trying to trick a fish with a dry fly. They are rising but mostly later in the day and in small numbers. Focus on the swirling back eddies with tiny dries trailing tinier emergers. .Get on a boat with a Minturn Anglers guide >>> 


The Blue River
I’v never been a big fan of the Blue up in town with all the pressure and all the spectators but I stepped out of my comfort zone last week and was pleasantly surprised, maybe enough to change my opinion. The crowds were non existent and the mall was even pretty deserted so we enjoyed some solitude and some really active fish. The trout are still eating the standards so stock up on small mysis and red and black midges. Find the deep holding water and you will find the fish. Get deep and hold on because these fish aren’t small! Towards the end of the day I broke my indicator rig off and swung some steamers hoping for a beast but couldn’t get any fish to commit despite a few solid follows. It’s always worth a try!

Fishing in the Vail Valley is Heating Up! GET UP HERE AND FISH!!!

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Pre-Runoff up here is a special time and with folks still focused on getting those last few runs on the slopes the river is EMPTY!!


Our guides are dialed in a getting antsy around the shop. Book a trip and get fishing before the spring crowds get wise to how good the fishing is up here!!! The weather is beautiful and the fish are hungry so what’s your excuse?
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Every year here at Minturn Anglers we get to see the next generation of guides as they begin down the long path. We like to think that our guide school graduates are some of the most well prepared and properly trained guides in the business and we accept nothing less than perfection! 
Now that being said, there is no better job in the world than sharing your passion for the sport with others! If you have been looking for a way to get started guiding then give us a call at the shop and lets talk about getting you on our team! There is no better job than guiding and there is no better fly shop to work for than MINTURN ANGLERS!!!
Wade Guide School; May 1st – 5th 2017


Float Guide School;May 8th – 12th 2017


Front Range Fishing Reports

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I almost don’t want to tell you guys how good Deckers has been fishing so I can selfishly keep railing fish and not seeing anyone but i’m too nice to leave you all out in the dark. The fishing is outstanding and we are starting to see fish key in on larger bugs. Yes midge season is coming to a close so stuff your 22’s back into the bottom of the box and try a big ol Pat’s Rubber Leg in a #10 or so dropped down to a #18 Baetis nymph or my favorite the rainbow warrior! The morning is still a bit chilly so Id say hit the river around 9 or so and don’t be surprised by all the bugs on the water. We have been seeing BWO’s coming off in the morning and then a nice trico hatch around 1:30 or 2:00. When you see the tricos the a little weight off and switch that bottom fly to a Black Rs2 or Two Bit Hooker. Be mindful of reds as you hit the river and watch out for spawning fish.


The Dream Stream

The fish numbers are still pretty low if you are hunting for lake run fish but the weather is beautiful and the wind is relatively calm so as long as you don’t mind a little bit of a walk fishing is getting good. Most of your big staging fish are going to hang on the lower river closer to 11 Mile Res in the deep runs along the bends in the river. Standard fare for fliers. Leading with a leech pattern in Olive or Natural and then fishing a small BWO emerger in #20 or so off the back should do well. Lake fish tend to come on leeches and worms or bigger attracter patterns so don’t feel locked into the small stuff. Keep moving and see if you can’t sight some of the monsters. All that being said be mindful of spawning fish on redds!!!

11 Mile Canyon   
 With warm weather down south and the spring coming fast this year 11 mile is fishing lights out and we are already seeing some fish paired up to spawn. That being said respect the fish on the reds but still get after it and try and catch some of those fish that haven’t set eyes on the spawn yet. There are plenty of fish hanging out eating eggs and by the middle of the day there are plenty of fish looking up! We are seeing strong BWO hatch earlier in the day and some tricos in the afternoon so don’t be afraid to chuck some dries. Thorax BWO’s in a #18 or #20 will do in the morning and the tricos are a bit smaller.


F3T is back and making a stop here in Lone Tree On March 24th!!!
There is no better way to start off the season than to watch some awesome new Fly Fishing Films from all around the world! From trout to tarpon the film tour has something for you! We will be hosting the tour at The Wildlife Experience in Lone Tree on Friday March 24th. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. and we will be hosting a Happy Hour at the Lone Tree Shop before hand from 4:00-6:00 with FREE BEER Provided by Upslope Brewing! Tickets available at F3T’s website and for a discounted rate at Minturn Anglers Lone Tree!
Doors open at the Wildlife Experience at 6:00 with a Happy Hour at the Lone Tree Shop from 4:00-6:00 FREE FOOD AND FREE BEER as well as 50% OFF ALL THE FLIES IN THE SHOP as well as a chance to win a FREE GUIDED TRIP for everyone who comes to the Happy Hour at the shop!




Our dates at Boxwood and Longmeadow are filling up fast for the season but we just had room open up on APRIL 4th!!!
If you’ve never been lucky enough to fish one of the Front Range’s most spectacular stretches of private water than now is the time! Give us a call at the Lone Tree shop soon for rates and availability because this opportunity won’t last long!!!


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