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Vail Valley Fishing Reports 

46912-Vail Valley Fishing Reports
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Eagle River
Fall is chugging along up here in the Vail Valley and fishing is still hot despite the colder temps rolling in a night. The most productive fishing has been down valley near Walcott and Gypsum and lets just say the bugs aren’t getting any bigger. Small BWO patterns are gonna be the secret to success on the surface and as the day goes on the fish are moving into some deeper water and snacking on Midge larva and Baetis nymphs. If you aren’t finding fish then you probably aint deep enough. Small stones as a lead fly with your favorite Baetis behind it will bring some fish to hand. On the top a double dry rig with a big ol Renegade on top and a smaller BWO dry behind it is my secret weapon in the fall.
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Colorado River

We are finally starting to see some cloudy afternoons and thats just what the Doctor ordered. The trout doctor that is. The Upper Colorado has been a little tricky with the low water and indicator rigs have been the most productive way to get after the fish mid day. Small back and red midges behind a Stonefly is a solid rig just make sure you are playing with your depth a little as the day progresses. The afternoon streamer bite has been good on the cloudy days so don’t be afraid to suck some meat out there. If you are itching to get one more float in before the winter now is the time and we have guides at the ready. Give us a call!!!.
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Blue River
If you want a quick trip up the hill to see some fall colors but you can’t make the drive all the way to the Eagle then The Blue should be on your radar. The fall has cooled water quite a bit and the fish are fattening up for winter. Mysis and small midge patterns are always on the menu. #20 Red Zebra Midge or Rainbow Warriors should find you a fish or two. Look for most of the fish to be holding in the deep slow water towards the back of the runs.




There is a better way to spend your winter than watching trout porn…
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The rumors are true. Fly tying night has started back up agin at both Minturn Anglers locations. The shop on the hill is holding tying night on Wednesdays from 6-8 at the shop and the Parker shop is tying on Tuesday nights this year from 6-8 as well. Bring your vise and light materials to the shop and lets whip up some bugs together. There is really no better way to hone your tying skills than to tie along side some other guys and gals who may be able to show you a trick or two to help make your bugs look SICK.



Get on the water with a PRO today!!!
The leaves are changing and the air is getting cold up here in the mountains. Our guides have been whipping bugs around from Minturn to Pump House and whether it’s wade fishing or a day of chucking streamers from the front of a drift boat we have a guide to help you get dialed in. Fall fishing is second to none up here and if you’ve never had the pleasure we recommend getting out… like tomorrow. What are you doing tomorrow? Give us a holler at the shop and lets talk trips. Call in sick to work, let one of Minturn’s guides put your arm in a cast.
Front Range Fishing Reports

46912-Front Range Fishing Reports
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The Dream Stream

Well the flows down south are looking like a rollercoaster if you check the flow charts but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still some hungry fish down between Spinney and 11 Mile. While the Fall is getting into it’s final act before the snow falls and the Winter arrives we want to really stress being mindful of where you are fishing and urge you to leave the spawning beds and any trout doing their business alone. Fish seem to be keen on the smaller bugs right now so bring your BWO emergers and plenty of Scuds as these are the top menu Items. Most of the Salmon are gone but look for some bug trout still holding in the deeper water along the bends in the river. Last chance summer dance for the Dream until spring so get out there!!!!

Water is low and slow near Deckers these days. Flows are holding just under 100 CFS and the water is gin clear. You gotta be a ninja when approaching the runs so as not to blow up every fish in the hole before you even wet your line. Stealthy approaches and small bugs are the key to success in the clear water. Late morning will show some Blue wings popping but fish seem more keen on eating emergers than actual top water stuff. The best way to get after these risers is with either and unweighted indicator rig or a dry dropper with a little Barrs emerger trailing an adult BWO of some kind. As the day progresses you will see fish moviing into the deeper water and snacking on Midges in the 18-22 range. Rainbow warriors and other flashy bugs have been productive attractors and a small Rs2 or or Red zebra midge off the back should help you fill the net! If you’re struggling a little in this low water don’t be too proud to give us a call and get out with a guide. We will take the guess work out for you and help you get accustom to these low flows.
Bear Creek and Clear Creek

Bear Creek and Clear Creek have been exceptional these last few weeks and the pressure has been next to nothing when we have been out. Fall water conditions on the small creeks sets anglers up for a beautiful day of throwing dries or swinging small streamer patters for eager fish. There are still some caddis hanging around on Bear Creek but the mail forage for the fish on both creeks is gonna be BWO patterns and midges. We are finding most of the fish in the slower waters along the tail-outs and cut banks. Believe me when I say leave the indicators in the car. The top water game should produce for you all day and if you aren’t finding fish interested in the surface switch over to a little bugger or Pine Squirrel leech and see if you can’t get a few to chase it.


Spinney and 11 Mile Float Trips!!!

46912-Spinney and 11 Mile Float Trips!!!
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Minturn Anglers Guide Capt. Gavin Greely is ready to put you one some BIG trout!!!
Sure you could go rub elbows at the Dream Stream and search for a big fish, or you could have Gavin row you around and point you at some huge fish minus all the crowds. The reservoirs down south have been on fire and there is only a short window left to get some fishing done down there. Give us a call at the shop and let us talk you into it! This trip is truly a special way to spend the day in a beautiful environment chasing some beautiful trout… with the occasional chance at throwing big streamers too some toothy pike… if that doesn’t get you excited we may need to check your pulse.
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