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Fly fishing is a lifelong learning process.  The more you do it, the better you get and the more addicting it becomes! Proceed with Caution…. 


Don’t Expect to be Great the First Time You Fly Fish
Did you shoot par the first time you played golf…or ever?

In the Beginning You Can Expect….

  • Line Tangles & Frustration

  • Taking a while to tie your flies on

  • A Foreign Language

  • Difficulty seeing your line, fly, fish, etc.

  • Other people catching fish while you aren’t

  • Sensory Overload!

Overtime You Will…

  • Improve on all the above

  • Continually improve

  • learn to speak the “language”

  • Enjoy it more as you improve

If you take this class and don’t fish again for 2 months you might as well not have come.  Fly fishing is all about repetition in the beginning!

Fly Fishing Expectations & Myths
Understanding Essential Fly Fishing Gear
Trout Habitat  & River Characteristics
Fly Fishing Entomology & Fly Selection
Essential Fly Fishing Knots & Rigging
Fly Fishing Gear Checklist 

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