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Rio Grand Fly Line- Ideal for fast action rods, windy conditions & big flies. Also a great fly line for novices and casters that like a little extra load. $74.95

The RIO Grand is the perfect match for fast action fly rods.

  • Half size heavier than the AFTMA standard

  • Weight distributed toward the front of the line to load fast action fly rods

  • Versitile taper for all fly sizes

The Grande Fly Line from Rio is our first choice for those who prefer fast action rod and need a slightly heavier line to help load the rod.  This is a great line for the Scott S4S, and Sage TCX.  If you find yourself throwing streamers with a floating line, or casting hoppers into the wind, the Grand will be a great fly line for you. The short front taper and short heavy body is what allows this line to make easy casts into the wind with air resistant flies. By no means is the Grand your all purpose line for small dries so if you are after an all purpose fly line Rio Gold is where it’s at.

Rio Grand Fly Line Profile

Rio Grand Line Specifications Line Weight 3-9wt

Rio Fly Line Resources & Product Info

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  1. I have a 9′ tcx fast action 5 wt fishing Stillwater what best 5# line or 6# for distance

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