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Braided fly tying materials are excellent for adding flash to a fly quickly and easily without having to use up a ton of material on each fly you tie.

Hareline Chironomid braid
a woven braid that comes on a cord that when wrapped will lay flat and create a great segmented body at the edge of each wrap for midge or chironomid bodies.

Dyed Diamond Braid

Small, flat, braided tubing. Versatile material, colors can be easily tinted and it is perfect for bodies.  This is the diamond braid material for tying Barr’s Slumpbuster.

Hareline Midge Diamond Braid
Similar to the chironomid braid but thinner in diameter for tying midge patterns in size 18 and smaller that call for a braided body.

Micro Pearl Core Braid Worm Material
A favorite around here for tying San Juan worms with a little flash.  Similar to how the standard chenille worm is tied, you cut to size and burn the ends.  The difference is with this material you must role the ends in figures after heated to create the tapered ends.

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