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The F.O.D. (Fly of Destiny)

The F.O.D. or “Fly Of Destiny” developed by Connell O’Grady mimics a crawling or emerging mayfly and is very effective pattern in sizes 18-22. This fly has really been producing fish on tail waters like the South Platte and Arkansas rivers as well as freestone rivers like the Eagle. The F.O.D. Pattern has a lot of personality considering how easy it is to tie.

Try adjusting the color of the dubbing used for the thorax to more closely match the current mayfly hatches in your area. Materials for this fly can be purchased at Minturn Anglers fly shops.

-Hook: 18-22 curved hook
-Thread: black, grey, or olive
-Pheasant tail fibers
-dubbing: UV black, olive, PMD etc…
-small copper wire

Levi Lambert

Minturn Anglers Guide

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