Winter fly fishing in the Vail Valley is phenomenal especially when most folks have their eyes on the slopes.

If you love to float or are looking for a different approach than wading, winter float fishing trips in Colorado are perfect for you. It is not uncommon to be the only raft on the water and of course, catching fish. Some like the views from the top of the mountain, we like the beautiful Colorado winter views from a raft. Minturn Anglers’ winter float trips take place on the Colorado River and Roaring Fork with rafts instead of hard boats for lower water conditions.

On the right day you will find clouds of midges and blue winged olives with fish throwing all caution to the wind to eat them; dry or subsurface. When it comes to Colorado trout fishing, there is no better way to approach water than from a float boat.

These Winter float trips are subject to availability due to river flows, however, between the two winter rivers we guide on at least one is floatable any Winter day.

Float Trips have a maximum of two anglers per boat.

Location: Colorado, Roaring Fork
Season: November 1st – May 31st
Capacity: 2 Anglers/Boat
Closest Major Air Hub: Eagle, CO
Target Species: Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroat
Documents Required: State ID or Drivers License to purchase a Colorado Fishing License

Half Day Float Trip


3/4 Day Float Trip


Full Day Float Trip


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How We Fish…

Side Drifting: Side drifting nymphs under an indicator is the most productive way to catch fish on any given day. We generally don’t get out of the boat, but instead fish ledges, drops and deep water where both good number and size of fish hold. You will learn how to read featureless water and find fish in spots many would never fish.

Streamers: When conditions allow for it, or when you decide you have caught enough fish on nymphs, we are always happy to show you how to chuck some meat. In spots with good bank structure we will cast towards the edges. More often than not though, we fish sink tips and swing flies deep through the middle of runs. You will learn how to effectively fish streamers on sunny days.

Dries: Fishing dry flies is awesome but lets face it, 90% of a trout’s diet is subsurface. However, if you are determined to fish dries we will get you on the water when you will have opportunities. If all you want to do is fish dries, we recommend doing a half day evening float. In the summer we will put on around 4pm and float until dark. August marks the start to great hopper fishing, and we will have a rod rigged in advance for you to cast towards the banks we know hold big fish looking for hoppers.

Spey/Two Hand Fishing: Swinging flies with two handed rods is our passion. We have become very proficient in teach first time spey casters how to effectively cast 2 handed rods, swing flies and experience the thrill of a bone jarring eat on a swung fly. There is simply nothing like it!