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Juju Parachute
The juju parachute incorporates the “juju” style body using super hair for the rib that was originally developed by Charlie Craven.  No fly can go wrong if it has a touch of Charlie, and the fish seam to think the same.

Fly Tying Materials List: We are happy to mail you any materials you will need to tie this fly and/or others.  To order by phone call us at 720-851-4665.

Hook: TMC 100- 16-22
Thread: White UTC 70
Tails: Dun Micro Fibets
Abdomen: Super Hair-Two strands olive, one black
Thorax: Grey Superfine dubbing
Parachute: Poly Yarn (your color of choice)
Hackle: Two Olive Grizzly from rooster neck

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