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Levi’s Top Brass Midge

This fly was created with a emphasis on simplicity, durability, and the ability to be fished throughout the water column. The Top Brass midge with it’s foam gills and super fine dubbed head and thorax can be fished on the surface film or in a nymph or dry dropper rig, the simple wire wrapped abdomen creates a very consistent segmentation which is also very durable. The Top Brass Midge has been a very productive pattern on tail waters like the S. Platte river drainage. See below for the YouTube video tutorial.



Hook: Umpqua U105 (size 16-20)

Thread: Ultra thread (140) Black

Wire: Ultra wire (Small) Copper or Silver

Dubbing: Super Fine dubbing (Black)

Gills: (4mm) Foam White

Levi Lambert – Minturn Anglers Guide


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