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CDC Spinner

This easy pattern is a great additive to the fly box, especially if your a waterfowl hunter who happens to have a stash of cdc feathers. I have found this pattern most effective when tied in Trico and BWO colors and sizes.

I take a slightly different tact on tying in the cdc wings, as I usually tie in the whole feather and then snip the shaft back from the barbs, this gives the wings a little more rigidity, so they don’t collapse onto the body of the fly after the first couple fish. The alternative to this method is to strip the barbs off the shaft of the cdc feather and tie them in for the wing.


Hook: dry fly (sz 18-22)

Thread: ultra thread (70) (black, green, grey)

Dubbing: dry fly (black, green, grey)

Wings: goose or duck CDC (natural grey)

Tail: hackle barbs (light Dun)

Levi Lambert

Minturn Anglers Fly Fishing Guide

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