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Minturn Anglers - Miracle Mile Brown trout

Miracle Mile Fishing Report: Browns have entered the river system and we are catching lake run browns on a regular basis. I can finally say, “it’s on!”

Miracle Mile Streamflows, river conditions and detailed fly fishing information covering the Miracle Mile section of the N. Platte River from Seminoe Reservoir to the Pathfinder Reservoir inlet. Road in from Alcova is finally dry but a rutted out mess on the dirt stretch.  If you love fishing the Mile, don’t love your vehicle!

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BY: Minturn Anglers


WEATHERAlcova, WY Weather Forecast
RATING (1-10)
OVERALL 7/10: The Mile is fishing well in certain stretches and absolutely dead in others.  Browns have moved into the river system but they have been extremely weary on the bright days.
NYMPHING Make your flies move a little bit and it honestly seams a dragging fly drifting “poorly” is catching more fish than the perfect dead drift.  FUN FUN FUN!
STREAMERS Tons of fall rainbows eager to to run a big fly down at the moment.  It’s amazing how big of a fly these fish will eat!Adjust your retrieve to match the thermometer More on Miracle Mile Streamer Fishing >>
SPEY/SWING Time to get your swing on for the 2 handed crowd. Pre-spawn browns and very agrresive rainbows want that fly SO BAD! Honestly think you can swing as many fish as you can nymph at the moment! Learn More about  Swinging Flies for Trout >>
DRIES If lake run fish start eating your indicator, tie on a Mouse!
FLOAT Float from spot to spot and then get out and wade if your looking for browns  Floating the Miracle Mile >>
WADE 12 Miles of public access makes the Mile very wade friendly.  If you’re wading the Mile, it involves some casting ability.  Your 10 ft Deckers flip of the nymph rig won’t get it done here. Learn how to cast people!
FLY FISHING GEAR Everything you’ll need for the Miracle Mile in our  North Platte Fly Fishing Gear & Checklist >>
NYMPHS Attractors Blood-Dot troutbeads 6-8mm, Pat’s Rubberlegs #6-10 (coffee/black) #6-8 Pigstickers (strawberry/Wine) Dropper Flies: Rusty PS Leeches, Hothead Leeches, Sparkle Worms, Purple SJ Worms. Leader/Tippet/Weight: 9ft 2x leaders, 2x-4x flour0 tippet, AB-#1 Split Shot Med Thing-a-ma-bobber
STREAMERS Cast & SLOW STRIP: #6-8 Gummy Buggers (olive or black), Bread ‘n Butter Buggers, #4×4 Double Gongas (Rusty & Tan) #8-10 Slumpubsters. Leaders/Tips: 7ft Rio Versi-leader or long 0x leader (9-10ft).
SPEY/SWING Signature Intruder (Black/Blue, SNOWFLAKE, CRAWDAD), Hobo Spey, Pick Pockets (Orange & Olive), #4 Platte River Spider  Lines/Tips: Skagit Lines, T8 Rio MOW Tips:5/5′ & 7.5/2.5″
RIVER/SEASON SPECIFIC FLY SELECTIONS Be sure to check out our Miracle Mile Specific Fly Selections >>
LATEST MIRACLE MILE FISHING REPORT, NEWS & UPDATES 11/21/13: Browns took there sweet time moving in this year, but finally, there is a good number of browns in the river system and we are hooking big fish on a daily basis!11/13/13: Browns have entered the river system but have been pretty weary on the bright days.  Amazing what a little cloud cover and wind does.  Never thought I’d say this, but I have begun to prefer the windiest nasty weather day imaginable!10/25/13: Fishing has been borderline ridiculous on the mile in certain stretches and absolutely dead in other stretches.  Browns have been slow to move in but we are finding them on the cloudier days by throwing big flies that only browns will eat.  It’s any day now though until we see a good first wave of browns from Pathfinder.10/2/13: Fishing was exactly as it should be for this time of year and this cold spell should really get those brown trout moving!  Road conditions are wet to and from the Mile   (10/4) so proceed with caution. If you don’t know your way around the Mile and it’s snowing, I’d suggest fishing Grey Reef.  There are places where you can drive around if it’s snowing on the Mile, but there are also places where a monster truck would get stuck out there.4/15/13: The Mile has been fishing well, but most the lake run fish are holding in the lower river that was lake last year.  It has been pretty fun having 4 more miles of river to explore. By mid The end of this month there will be lots of lake run rainbows throughout the river and I would expect them to linger well into middle of June.   The water is crystal clear right now, and it has been great in terms of really understanding the bottom structure.  That said, these fish can see you coming in a boat from a mile away, so you might need to cast just a little bit farther and keep the boat away from the runs.2/28/13: What a week of weather & much need dose of mother nature with over 18″ of new snow on the ground in Central, WY and surrounding areas. This will definitely help our cause this summer but at the moment, I’d venture to say you’d be rolling the dice getting out to the mile until things dry up. That being said, I haven’t been able to make it out to the mile since the 21st but fishing was pretty unreal!.  April & May are filling quickly, but we still have availability Feb-March in our N. Platte Spring Guide Trip Special! 1/2 OFF WADE TRIPS & SPEY ONLY TRIPS! If you’re seriously looking for a big fish, March is the month!  Give us a call at 720-851-4665 for availability.
It’s hard to get excited about fishing anything other than the North Platte from now until June. The N. Platte is the real deal and nothing in the lower 48 touches it.  April & May are almost completely booked and cabin fever is really starting to set in! For those reasons, we have decided to add another month (March) to our Spring trip on the North Platte in Central Wyoming. Find out more about our 1/2 OFF March Guide Trip Special >>
Nothing beats a  N. Platte rainbow or brown freight-training a big fly on a tight line! We love teaching spey casting and the art of swing flies for trout. You can also try it for 1/2 OFF in March ($125 Half Day or $250 full Day!)  Learn More about Spey Casting & Swinging Flies for Trout >>
Awesome Miracle Mile fishing reports for big brown trout all fall. the last week of November was a banner week or two in terms of numbers and size of fish.  Lots of eats on the swing as well which is hard to beat!  Find out more Miracle Mile Fall Brown Trout >>
Late summer isn’t exactly the most prime time on the Mile, but the Mile didn’t disappoint while filming a 30 minute segment for WFN’s hit show Hookin Up With Mariko Izumi.
If you’ve been following the Miracle Mile fishing reports this spring, you’ve seen what’s been going on.  Simply no place like it in the United States. Miracle Mile Blue Ribbon Wyoming Fly Fishing >>The North Platte River in Central Wyoming is fishing as well as any of us can remember and it continues to get better everyday. You’d be hard pressed to find a river in the lower 48 fishing as well for numbers of fish and size of fish right now. Whether you are floating or wading, it is pretty hard not to have a banner day (even if you have never fished the N. Platte).  More about Spring Fly Fishing on the Miracle Mile >>See Our Article: When Were & How to fish the Miracle Mile >>

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