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Rio Deep Full Sinking fly lines are density compensated sinking lines designed to be heavier at the tip so that the tip of the line sinks first which makes for an even sink rate.

The Rio Deep Series of fly Lines are available in sink rates of 3 to 7 inches a second.  no matter the water type you are fishing, how deep, or how fast, the Rio Deep Series lines will get you where the fish are.

When fishing full sinking lines, we recommend fishing a fast action fly rod.  Our favorite rod for throwing sinking lines is the Scott S4S.

We use the Deep series full Sink Lines for early season Bass, Wiper & Pike as well as a streamer line in the late summer when fish move deep.

If you don’t want your line to sink quite as fast and prefer an intermediate line, see our Rio Aqualux Intermediate Lake Line Review

Rio Deep Full Sink Line Design Profile

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Rio Deep 4 Full Sink Fly Line Specifications

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Rio Deep 7  Full Sink Fly Line Specifications

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