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Scientific Angler’s Spey Evolution Fly Line is a Mid-Belly line to cover all your touch and go casting needs.

The Spey Evolution is a great line for beginning casters to advanced casters alike. It is essentially a very long Scandi Head, thus allowing the cross over to a longer belly much easier than lines of the past. Coming in bellies from 48.5 ft to to 54.5 feet depending on the weight of the line. It comes in weights from 420 to 680 or roughly from 5/6 up to a 9/10.

When it comes to casting, its a smooth, long casting line that mends great a long distances. The core of the line is braided multi-filament, allowing for great turnover and strong delivery. The line is a two tone color, sunset and light blue. The sunset color is running line, while the light blue is the actual head. With this in mind, when it comes to casting this line you want a some of the sunset running line outside of the rod tip. This will variey with the caster. It also carries the Scientific Angler Line ID on the front of the line for easy identification.

The Cost of the line is $86.95




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The Cost of the line is $86.95

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