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The Scientific Anglers Mastery VPT line is one of the most versatile fly lines availible in the Mastery Series of Fly Lines. Truly versatility at its finest with this line.

Built on a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, and moderate delivery allows this line to maintain loop control at distance but yet still work flawlessly at close ranges.  With its ability to combine precision and accuracy to deliver flies with the softest presentation, allows the angler to present flies to even the most spooky of fish with confidence.

The VPT line is one of our choices on Scott G2 or Sage One Rods here at Minturn Anglers. Please see links below for full reviews on both rods.

This particular line is a tri-colored line coming in at willow/orange/willow-tip




The cost of this line is $69.95







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