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Scientific Anglers Braided PE Mono Shooting Line is a perfect choice for all of your shooting line needs.
The Braided PE Mono Shooting Line is a highly versatile running line for both Spey Rods as well as shooting head systems on Single Handed Rods. With its .032″ or 29lb size, it makes this line very user friendly and easy to hold on to. Its a little longer in length than a lot of other running lines coming in at 150 feet in total length. This gives the angler a lot of distance to be able to reach any distance they may need to reach.
Contructed Braided Polyethylene Monofilament Floating Running Line, with low stiffness allows this line to have minimal tangles. It can be cast off a boat deck or out of a stripping basket with ease on a single handed rod and is a full floating line. With its orange color makes it a great choice in low light conditions.
Here at Minturn Anglers the Braided PE Mono Shooting Line has become one of our favorite running lines on our Switch and Spey Rods due to the fact this line shoots very well and is very easy to hold onto even in the coldest, wettest conditions. This line has found a lof of use on our Scott L2h and Echo Switch/Spey rods.
With a retail price of $32.99 its a great value as well as a great choice for all or your shooting head needs.  So if you are in the market for a new running line come take a look at one of our favorites the Braided PE Mono Shooting Line by Scientific Angler.

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