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Scientific Anglers Custom Cut Express Tips allows the angler to cut their own tips for any given fishing situation or rod in the angler’s aresenal.

These tips come on a spool and are 30 feet of level T sinking line material. On both ends of the sinking line material they have welded streamlined loops for easy connection. When it actually comes to cutting tips the angler has the option of cutting 2 tips to make level 15 ft tips. Here at Colorado Skies we have used the 30 foot spools to cut mulitple tips out of one kit. For example, 3-10 foot tips, 12 ft, 9 ft, 6 ft, and a 3 footer and any other combo that we might need for any given situation.

With a cost of $19.95 it is a great price to start to build your sink tip selection.

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