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Scientific Anglers Mastery Bluewater Express brings 2 killer lines to the world of bluewater fly fishing, tipping the scales in the favor of the angler.
When it comes to needed to get big flies deep in a hurry Scientific Anglers has you covered with the Mastery Bluewater Express. Built on extra strong Tropi-Core that is  designed to  handle tuna and other big game fish (60lb break strength). It also has high stiffness and strong delievery. With this kind of core you can go into the deep blue beyond with confidence that you will need to win the giant tug of war
This line has big time power for your biggest flies, deepest depths and sinks like a stone. It is also designed to keep you flies down where you need them, in the strike zone. The Bluewater Express is a line that will truly outperform a two piece line. Spaning line weights from 11wt to 15wt it will step to the plate for anything you need it to.
Next up in the Scientific Anglers bluewater line of lines is the Billfish Taper. This is a line designed to tackle the world of the biggest and baddest preditors that swims. The Billfish taper is designed to toss monster flies to sailfish, marlin, and sharks. SA designed for modern powerful rods; along with its 25’ head it will turn over the biggest flies you can tie. Built on SA’s Tropi-Core, with high stiffness and giving you strong delievery. It comes in popular line weights of 13wt and 15wt.
Other key features built into this line are the fact it sinks 4.5 to 5.0 ips to get where the fish are, small diameter running line reduces water resistance and minimizes break-offs, and Orange color so you can follow the line easily while you are trying to gain line on the giant you just hooked.
Both lines mentioned above are $69.95.




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