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The Scientific Anglers Headstart line is a line designed to help out the beginning angler get going and understand how to cast.

The Headstart fly line is build using a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, moderate delivery along with the fact its a half size heavier than a typical line really aids in a newer angler to help feel the rod load and cast. With its forgiving taper optimized for most casting ranges and loading easy and great shootablility its a great line to get going with.

It handles hoppers, dries, nymphs and streamers a like, its short head helps with turnover easing the early issues of turn over when first starting. Another great feature that Scientific Anglers has built into this line is a telecast bump that allows the angler to postion the line in the best possible way to make their next cast.

The final feature of this line not to be over looked is the price, SA has offered this line at $39.95 which is a super affordable line with a lot of great options built into the line.

It comes in great color to be able to see in Optic Yellow, this allows the line to be easily seen.


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