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In the Scientific Anglers Mastery Series of fly lines they offer a sink tip line to cover all of your sink tip needs with a wide variety sinking rates.

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Wet Tip fly lines are a multi-situation sinking tip allowing the angler the advantage they need to present the flies at any depth. As a graduated density matched line that transitions into a nice taper for smooth casting. This means that the line falls at the same rate to stop line sag.

With its unique taper allows the line to have easy turnover with less kick, making this line ideal for streamers, and wet flies for steelhead, salmon, bass and trout in moving water. Please see below for sink rates depending on the line, each line carries its own sink rate from Clear Tip, Type III, IV or V. In the charts below you with also see what weights each lines is available. The Cost of all these lines is $69.95.

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