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The Scientific Anglers Mastery Trout Fly Line is the ultimate dry fly line, a must have for spring creek and small dry fly fishing.

SA has done a great job designing this line with a compound taper, supple coating, low memory gives the caster a direct feeling for what the line is doing and allows for unsurpassed feel.

The Mastery Trout Taper is built using a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness, and allows for moderate delivery, which allows this line to be a freat all around trout line that excels in short to medium casts, delivers those delicate dry flies. This is a line for all of you trico fisherman to take a look at for fishing the Dream Stream.

Here at Colorado Skies we really like this line on our Scott G2 and the Sage TXL-F for our technical dry fly fishing.

Another great option about this particular line is the fact it comes in either weight forward tapers or as a double taper line suiting any possible preference. In the Weight Forward lines it comes in 3wt to 7wt and in the Double Taper Lines in comes in 2wt to 6wt, both lines carry SA Line ID Stamp.

This line comes in two very stealthy colors, Dark Willow and Mist Green

Retail cost of this line is $69.95







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