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When you need to get flies deep in a hurry look no farther than the Wet Tip Express from Scientific Anglers!
SA started with a braided multifilament core, with low stiffness and strong delievery helping punch your flies where they are intended to go. The ne piece design eliminates hinging found in shooting line / head combinations which equals better casting and distance. The wow tangle design also will increases shooting distance. A very cool part of this line is the larger diameter handling section gives better line control and will help any angler get a better grip on this line.
The Wet Tip Express uses a 25-foot sinking head for rapid, deep delivery of flies in any angling situation. More on the line design and sink tip, its a Type V sinking shooting head fused to a floating funning line. This makes it very easy to pick up and recast when needed. Also, this line is cold water optimized for steelhead, salmon, and various saltwater applications giving the angler a lot of options in one line.
The cost of this line is $69.99 retail.


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