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Scientific Anglers offers a great series of waterproof fly boxes that hold a lot of flies, very user friendly, and at a great price.

In the Compact Fly Box  lineup SA offers 4 different configurations to suit anyones needs or preferances, they are the Compact Nymph 270, Compact Angled 164, Compact 216, and finally the Max 432 Fly Boxes.

Starting off with the Compact Nymph 270, this waterproof bock gets its name from the fact this box is specifically designed to hold 270 nymphs and dry flies.  It has a place set aside for split shot and indicators on one side while a full page on the other. Its clear so you can easily see all your flies and will close easily with one hand. With its slited foam for each fly you don’t have to worry about tearing up your foam every time you take a fly out. This box wil hold most standard sized flies in sizes from 10 to 18 and with its size it will fit in a shirt pocket easily. Cost of this box is $24.95.

Next up will be the Compact 164 Angled Fly Box. This box will hold up too 164  small poppers in a thin profile, and holds streamers as well in a tidy little box. The middle section is also a special design, its unique slanted section allows the angler to hold medium sized poppers in the same box. Making this box an excellent choice for a night at the local bass pond when you get off work. With its clear top and its easy one hand closure makes it a breeze to use. It also has slotted foam that offers firm hook holding power. Cost of this box is $23.95.

The third box in the Compact Series is the Compact 216. With 216 slots it will hold all of trout flies and any other general fishing flies you may have. It’s designed to hold flies in the size range of sized 10 to 20 and its precision slit foam holds up to 216 flies securely. You small creek, minimalists shouldn’t be left without this box. Cost of this box is $22.95.

Finally, SA brings us the biggest small box in this line up with the Max 432. Much like the other boxes in this line up, its set up to hold flies in the size range of 10-20 for all your trout and general fishing needs. Precision slit foam holds up to 432 flies securely so you won’t have to worry about leaving any favorites at home or losing any flies on the side of the river. It also carries a clear outer shell and easy to close with one hand. A very well thought out box for maxium capacity in a small package. The cost of this box is $25.95

With all of the Boxes coming in at less the $26.00 they shouldn’t be overlooked.

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