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Scientific Anglers offers two high quality line series for lake fishing in their Mastery Series. The Stillwater line and the Uniform Sink + line to cover any lake depth or situation.
Starting with the Scientific Anglers Stillwater line its built on a monofilament core, which allows this line to be crystal clear for low visibility to even the most skittish of fish. This line also sinks slowly so it can be fished at a shallow depth without worring about it hanging up. Excellent in windy conditions and with its small diameter/hard surface it really helps with casting. A great go to float tube line.
The next line in this series of lines is the Uniform Sink +, a density compensated sinking line that excells in a lot of fishing situations. Even sinking performance gives straight line connection to fish, no line sag to have to fight with. A easy casting line that no stillwater angler should be left without. We know of plenty of anglers that have also taken this line to the lake region of Argentina and had nothing but good things to say about it.
The cost of both lines is $69.95 and please see the charts below on colors, sink rates and weights available.

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