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The Scientific Anglers Striped Bass fly line in the Fast and Slow Sinking versions will cover all of your Striped Bass, Blue Fish, and False Albacore needs!
Starting with the Slow Sinking, built on a braided monofliament core to eleminate tangles and offers great shootablility. This line is also great from the beach, boat, and jettys; allowing the angler tons of versitality in one line.
With its short head, it eleminates the need for a lot of false casts, can throw large flies at a great distance, and with it’s green colored running line makes it easy to see. It settles just below the surface getting out of the chop of water and you don’t need to worry about weather this line is designed to perform in all of them.
Part two of this series of Striped Bass lines is the fast sinking version. Much like its slow sinking counter part, it preforms well from the beach, boat or jettys and along with its short head will allow for quick launches when needed.
When you need to get down to where the big boys are this line will do it on command. It will also stay there because of its sinking running line. A great complament to the slow sinking version to have you covered at any situation. No need to worry about weather with this line either.
Cost of both lines is $69.95


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