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In the Mastery Series of Fly Lines from Scientific Anglers they offer two warm water lines to cover all of your warm water fishing needs, from bass all the way up too muskie.

The Scientific Anglers Mastery Bass Bug line is built on a braided multifilament core, along with low stiffness, which leads strong delivery of bass poppers and hair bass bugs. It works well in both windy and calm days; also the make up of this line allows it to work in both warm and hot water conditions.

When it comes to color and price, it comes in Optic Yellow and the cost of the line is $69.95.

Next up in the warm water lines from Scientific Anglers is their Pike/Muskie line. Starting with braided multifilament core, along with very low stiffness, which leads to very strong delivery. It also optimized for cool/warm pike and muskie waters; this is SA’s “Big gun” line delivers huge muskie flies without sacrificing control and accuracy, which is very important when we are talking about throwing flies the size of chickens.

The Pike/Muskie line uses short front head which reduces false casts and the large tip diameter and short front taper handles windy conditions. Another part of the shorter head design allows for increased fly line and fly control to help you place the fly right where you need it. Another part of the large tip, it allows the fly line to float to its maximum ability. The last feature of this line is the fact it carries SA’s Line ID stamp.

Here at Colorado Skies we like both of these lines on the Scott S4S and the Sage Xi3 rods for our warm water fishing.

Scientifc Angler offers this line in Sunset, in line sizes from 8wt to 10wt and the cost of the line is $69.95.


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