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In this Video tutorial, Tim Rajeff of Airflow fly lines outlines three important steps in deciding how to choose the best weight forward (WF) fly line.

In choosing a fly Line Tim Rajeff outlines three important questions about fly lines…

  1. How Long Should the Weight Forward Section of the fly line be?
  2. How much should the weight forward section of the fly line weigh?
  3. What type of taper should the weight forward section of the fly line have?

In response to some of these common fly line questions, here are the suggestions Tim has in respective order…

  1. Choose the head length that matches your skill level (normal is about 40′) the longer the head, the more skill is required to shoot the entire head.
  2. Choose the head weight that matches the rod stiffness, how aggressively you cast, and how far you need to cast.
  3. Choose a fly line taper that best matches your fishing conditions, loop shape & line speed.

Find out more about choosing the right fly line in our fly line review section.

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