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Magnet side



Finally!…someone has made a box for us Colorado folk.  Here in the Rocky Mountains our fish demand small bugs that are difficult to arrange in a traditional fly box.  But Umpqua has done it with the UPG Midge box.  Here is why it is so great:

  • Double sided for high capacity
  • Double slitted foam on each row
  • Clear (so you can see what is inside)
  • Rust Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic (if you are lazy like me, often I just want to toss bugs into it)
  • Thin profile (it doesn’t need to be thick to hold midges
  • Not too pricey…only $36

This is the perfect box for midges and other nymphs.  I would not put large dries or hoppers inside of it, there is not enough thickness to accommodate large dry flies.  A great compliment to my larger fly boxes.

Double Cut Foam Side


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