Do I need to spend a fortune to get into Fly Fishing? Absolutely not!  What we recommend is that you take it in stride.  You want to buy quality gear, but above all else don’t put your eggs all in one basket and skimp out on the other things you need.

Key Things to Look for In Fly Fishing Products

  • WarrantiesDurability & expected lifetimeManufacture Reputation…Do some research!

Understanding & Selecting Fly Rods

Choosing the Right Fly Reel

Durability. Machined Reels vs. Cast Aluminum Reels

Sealed Drag System

Weight & Balance to Match Rod

Lamson All the Way!

Fly Fishing Reel Reviews

Selecting the Right Fly Line

What is a “Leader” & What is Tippet?

  • Leaders Transfers the energy from the fly line to the flyLeaders are tapered to transfer the energy smoothlyTippet refers to the portion of the leader where the line levels out at a consistent diameter.Leaders & tippet are made of either flourocarbon or monofilamentStrength and diameter of the leader & tippet are referenced on an “X” system 0x-7x for practical purpose.

Differences Between Flies

  • Dry Flies-Float and are fished on the SurfaceNymphs– Fished subsurface (usually dead drifted in the current)Streamers- Designed to imitate forage fish and are fished with movementSee our Fly Tying & Fly Video Gallery


Lightweight breathable waders are the standard

allow for comfort in hot weather, and layering for cooler weather

Simms is the leading manufacture of Waders

Details on Wader Design & Construction

Wading Boots

  • Felt… A thing of the PastVibram Streamtred: More traction, longer lasting, way better out of the water & environmentally friendlyIf traction is an issue, studs can be added for more grip
  • Wading Boot Reviews & Info

Fly Fishing Clothing & Eye-Wear

Fly Fishing Accessories: The Other Stuff

  • Fly Fishing Packs or Vests Depend on Personal PreferenceFly BoxesNets-Rubber Bags are a life Saver!Setting it All Up: Make it work for you!


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